Pokah Friday Night

As we all know, Edo is leaving next week for the army. We (Kin-Girl and I) are hosting the Non-Annual, Not Really a Classic, Ed’s Leaving and is gonna get his ass shot off Pokah Jamboree.

It is being held at my house, this Friday (May 21st) with the action starting around 7. we will be providing beer, soda, and snacks. Game is the same as the other ones we’ve held, No limit, $10 buy in, no re-buys, play until one winner, top two split 75/25. Given the extreme length of the last game, we will be much more aggressive in doubling the blinds, probably every 20 minutes to start, half hour after the fourth round.

So far it is looking like 8 or 9 people, but given I am expecting a shipment of 500 more chips tomorrow, and since it is at my house, we could actually start with two tables if more people wanted to play. If you would like to come and not play, you are welcome to join us also. It should be a good time.

If you are interested, send me an email or comment your intentions here so I know how much beer and snacks to get.

~ by kinshay on 2004-05-19.

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  1. ya mo be there

  2. yip yip

  3. I’m not real sure what the above two comments mean, but I am assuming Kin Yah and Yuz are coming.

  4. yip-yip, doesn’t that mean Anna Nicole’s dog is coming? NOt sure I can make it but somebody get me an address and I can start working on an elaborate plan to get out of babysitting,and laundry, etc.

    Ed Lover is gonna make ‘em duck for cover!!!!

  5. It’s at the family manse in Randolph, Woodlawn st. You’ve been there Hammer.

  6. Ed joined the Army?!

  7. Wish I could come and play some serious Poker!!! I have to go to a wedding tonight. Edo, I’m really proud of you. I wish you all the best brotha!

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