God & Guns Day

May 19th is about traditions. Kin Yah Brutha and I used to have one set aside for this day. On May 19th we would go to church in the morning, in remembrance of a his first wife. Then he’d be all pouty and sad, so we would go to the range and let loose some rounds, and all would be right in the world.

Kin Yah has since been married again, and I don’t go to church anymore. I only recently renewed my license to carry. So the outings of the day have stopped, but the name and the memories of the day remain.

I hope everyone has a good God & Guns day.

~ by kinshay on 2004-05-19.

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  1. Tradition also says, put it in the X-ring on this day and Jesus knocks 5 years off yer time in purgatory.

  2. if i wasn’t pulling beers and mixing drinks today, i’d be pooping caps into a sillouette bad-guy.

    then again, i get off at eight…

  3. Damn – I know I really should fix that obvious typo from Kin Yah Brutha, but talking about pooping caps and pulling beers …

    You would think they would give him a bottle opener.

  4. i did poop some caps today, although that did take some serious planning on my part. it also hurt. very much.

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