Donation Redux

This seems familiar:

England’s health secretary proposed to declare everyone a postmortem organ donor unless they officially register their refusal. The British Medical Association agreed. France, Italy, Spain, and other European countries already presume you’re a donor. Rationales: 1) People aren’t donating enough organs to save others in need. 2) Polls show 70 percent of people want to donate, though only 20 percent register to do so. 3) “Safeguards” will prevent abuse. 4) If we don’t do this, people will increasingly buy organs from live donors overseas. Rebuttals: 1) “The state does not own our bodies.” 2) You can’t presume somebody’s consent based on a random sample. 3) People exaggerate their altruism in polls. 4) If you freak people out, you’ll cause an uprising against the whole medical system.

I remember writing just such a proposal on the pages of this here blog, but can’t bloody well find it.

~ by kinshay on 2007-07-20.

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  1. rebuttals: 5) intellectual eletists such as, i would hazzard, comprise any medical association not just the brittish ones, are notoriously leftist commie pinkos who should not be dictating policy.

    if we are the posessors of anything i would think it would start with our bodies. and any outside organization that attempted to legislate what or how my final compostion would be defined as, i think, smacks of a direct attack on personal property. i say unto them ye can pry my liver from my cold dead hand!

    i propose that the pails of dead fetuses sitting by the dumpster of the family planning clinics aren’t donating enough stem cells. start with them. legislate not only the unliving but also the unborn. grow the organs in giant vats liberally fertilized with scionic detritus before you tell me what i can do with my own remains.

    any argument that begins with the state being able to legislate what i do with my mortal coil ends in my head with them telling me what god i can or can’t worship. central to my concept of religion is god’s gift of this sin machine in which my consciousness drives through his creation.

    yeah yeah you can undo it. petition to have control of yourself. you can ask the state to please let yourself be buried whole, or burned or skinned or sold to the highest bidder. but then you are supplicating yourself to the government to get what is already yours. maybe we can also ask real nice for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. oh wait, god gave those to us and no body on earth should be able to take them away. it is like in the magna carta or something. manifest destiny my self evident ass.

    and yes, i am an organ donor. it just seems like a really stupid idea. i am supprised at you. and i have been on cq for 23 hours. why are their smurfs in here?

  2. last their should be there. so stupid.

  3. I believe you called it the death tax for poor people, since they weren’t pulling their weight.

  4. me or him? was i for it before?

    i would rather be consistant than correct.

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