An extremely rare sighting in the northeast, we have captured a picture of a male and female adult Mullets. In love.

This is the photo that should teach everyone, there is someone out there for everyone.

~ by kinshay on 2007-07-19.

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  1. anytime you are looking for a mullet gathering place one needs go no further than ye ol’ king richard’s fair. it is also a great place to find affirmation of the “there is someone for everyone” adage.

    awesome picture though. i wonder if these people have some skewed vision of reality that allows for the constant snapping of camera phone pics where ever they go.

  2. Is that a payphone in the background? For all we know this photo was taken in the 80s :-). Do payphones still exist?

    The real question: was he rockin a ‘stache? I cannot tell from the photo, but it would be so much better if he was.

  3. I am especially fond of the poodle mullet on the left. God, isn’t this what intahnets was made for?

  4. i think they are from belgium. which, as was discussed in at the last world trade organization meeting, did not get the memo about mullets. they are also famous for nineteen eighties pubic hair… little known fact.

  5. That’s no phone booth, that’s a time machine that transports be-mulleted fuckers to 2007 from 1986.

  6. i was constantly surprised by the phenomenon of the EuroMullet when i was in spain. apparently, some of the younger gitana women had taken to wearing it, and it ended up on mainstream actresses and celebrities. it was really bizarre to see edgy, fashionably dressed young women… with straight up mullets.

  7. Aw, blast…


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