Sniffle, Cough, Sniffle

Someone sent me a virus! Well, they tried anyway.

MSNBC – New e-mail virus continues to spread:
Internet users and global corporations spent Tuesday digging out from under an avalanche of e-mails caused by the latest computer virus outbreak.  The Internet worm, which is called either "Mydoom" or "Novarg," is now the second-fastest spreading e-mail worm ever, according to antivirus firm Network Associates Inc—second only to last August’s SoBig virus.  The firm declared Mydoom a "high outbreak," the first time the company has ever used that designation, and estimated that hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide had been infected.

Antivirus firm MessageLabs said it had trapped 1.8 million copies of the infected e-mail headed for its clients—at one point, one in every twelve e-mails were laced with the worm, the firm said.

Why it did not effect me:
1. I use mailblocks, and did not receive the email in my inbox. I happened to be browsing my "Pending" folder and took a look.
2. I did not download the attachment, but if I did – 3. I know not to open anything like this from anyone I don’t know, but if I did – 4. We Mac users may complain at times that people don’t write software for us, but they don’t write viruses either. I could double-click the hell out of this and and would still do nothing.

The link referenced in the first line is not about the story it contains, that is who sent me the virus. If you do happen to read the story, I love the smug undertones – Have you updated your virus definitions? Well, it may seem informative, even helpful, but if you know they sent you a virus, then they seem arrogant.

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  1. i got about eight copies of this today, ironically from a$$h0les that try to use extension to spam other companies.

  2. Thanks

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