The Corcoran Brothers is the electronic sounding board for the extended members of the Corcoran Family, all originally from the historic South Shore of Massachusetts.

Of the many people you will encounter here, only four are actually members of the Corcoran Family, but we are big people and have much love for all our peeps.

Since this tight-knit family unit has spread to the four corners of the United States, we congregate here to discuss the events in our lives and things that tickle our fancy.

We not only welcome but encourage people to comment and hopefully become a member of our family. For more information about the people you encounter here, please visit our bio pages.

This is an equal opportunity website.

In our family we have micks, dahkies, hebes, eighth-portagees, carpet munchers, virgins, sluts, rednecks, pickle sniffas, greaseballs, swedes (what’s a slur for a frakkin’ swede???), horse thieves, and mental defectives.

If you know where to find a hot asian, I’ve got some single cousins.

Actually, we don’t have any frogs, but, frak ’em. You’d bring them to the family bar-b-que and they wouldn’t know whether to eat the thing on the spit or have sex with it…

Everyone who contributes will be equally mocked. Except Shay. He’s a pussy.

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