We decided to do some hoarding at work, but what to hoard? Given our laziness precludes us from picking up actual physical things, so we decided to go with mp3s. Who doesn’t love mp3s? And I hated it the last big party we had when kin yah bruthah searched for a song and couldn’t find it. Sounds great? But how to do it?

I ain’t Jake. I listen to the same 150 songs over and over when I have no Ron and Fez on the iPod. I found out how by actually paying for some software, and knowing some people.

  1. DJ friend named Jimmah (who hates music)
  2. A Minion to rip DVDs (~$79 for a Patriots Ticket as payment)
  3. Tuneup Media iTunes plugin/addon ($30 lifetime)
  4. Random Website with 2700+ Mashups ($15 paypal donation to cover bandwidth/Download them all Firefox Plugin
  5. TuneBite (DRM Stripper) later upgraded to the full AudialsOne (full suite $60)

Jimmah has a good collection of all the songs white people ask for at weddings/graduations/spring flings and winter formals. I showed him Tunebite which strips the DRM from all the music he has bought from various sources. That made things much easier for him, and lead me to looking into more music. Jimmah had also bought a long time DJs’ dvd backup set of all his music – ~25,000 songs. Jimmah never bothered copying them off, and I wanted it, so we gave The Minion a Pats Ticket and told him to rip them all to an external hard drive. He did.

I took the disk and imported them into iTunes. While I had a decent amount of new songs, 25K+, a boatload of them were no artist, track 01, track 01_1, etc… I was just about ready to delete over 4,000 tracks as I was not gonna listen to them and name them by hand when I found the miraculous TuneUp!. I have no idea how it works, but on ripped or downloaded mp3s I would say it has a >97% success rate on identifying a ‘track 01’ with no artist, etc… and filling in the proper title, artist, album, year, cover art and genre. Instead of deleting the 4k tracks, I updated almost all of them. I then de-duped them manually (File > show duplicates > select > delete > suck.)

Jimmah then found a great collection of mashups here. While most aren’t that great, it seemed worth the $15 to download them all. I get great amusement from mashups.

Now we are up to ~26,000 tracks. Tunebite has a  stream capture for some music websites, like last.fm, pandora, etc. I spent a couple of nights playing top 40 radio stations on last.fm and captured about 200 songs for R. That seemed to work pretty good. However the software kept nagging me to upgrade, which annoys me in software I paid for. I decided to upgrade any way, looking into this “radio tracker.”



Pick a genre. Set your throttle (with my cpu/memory/fios broadband speed I set it to 25 stations.) First night I did top 40. Woke up to 2,000 new songs. I imported those and switched to 80’s. By the time I got home from work, another 1,500 songs. It filters out songs it knows it had already downloaded, and after discussion with a co-worker I poked around some more and found a folder scan. This keeps it from downloading songs you already own as well. (Typos and slight name differences do get downloaded, but still saves a boatload of work.)

I am now at 34,780 de-duped and cleaned up songs. My goal now is for 50,000. Granted, the longer I use Radio tracker, the less songs I get as the same songs start replaying. But if I can get the top few thousand from each decade, I will be set.

One feature I didn’t mention – Music finder. Go to that tab, click on artist and a list of thousands of artist come up. Double click on the artist or one of their songs, and whenever that song or artist comes on one of the thousands of internet radio stations, it will record it for you. O-mazing.

~ by kinshay on 2009-06-10.

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  1. Nice. I’m currently at 34254 hand selected (thought not all have been listened to…) tracks, so you beat me already.
    Makes you feel like a big man, doesn’t it?

  2. Just call me Tommy Toughnuts – cuz that’s how I feel.

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