Federal Judge Shuts Down Car Warranty Robocallers [Finally]

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About fricking time!!!

“Oh hell no!” Federal District Judge John F. Grady told a marauding group of car warranty robocallers who managed to annoy pretty much everyone over the past few months. The judge slapped two Florida companies with an immediate restraining order and froze their assets, which should be enough to finally end those maddening robocalls.

Judge John F. Grady of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois issued a temporary restraining order against Voice Touch, as well as a business partner, Network Foundations, from making further calls. He also issued a separate temporary restraining order against Transcontinental.

Also named in the restraining orders are Christopher D. Cowart, the owner of Transcontinental; James and Maureen Dunne, the owners of Voice Touch; and Damian Kohlfeld, an owner of Network Foundations.

In freezing the companies’ assets, the court also appointed receivers over Transcontinental and Network Foundations to ensure that documents are preserved and assets are not dissipated. The restraining orders are in effect until a preliminary injunction hearing set for May 29.

Really, restraining orders? Injunction hearings? C’mon, judiciary! FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz called this “one of the most aggressive” telemarketing schemes ever. They’re witches, plain and simple. Burn them!

Judge blocks ‘robo-calls’ selling car warranties [AP]

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