Dollhouse gets a second season!

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DollhouseRejoice, Whedonites! His latest television venture, Dollhouse, has been renewed by Fox for a second season of 13 episodes, thus proving the existence of God.

Seriously, I’m very happy about this news, particularly since it shows that Fox learns from its mistakes and doesn’t simply rely on pure ratings (which is an unreliable and outdated system to begin with) to make business decisions. Did I think Season 1 was the best series ever produced? No. However, I trust in Joss and really liked the ending of Season 1. Sometimes it takes the man until the second season to really produce great television, Buffy being the prime example.

I do wonder where the show will go for a Season 2, although the possibilities are endless. The return of Alpha would be redundant. It’s difficult to have character growth for Echo since her mind is wiped every week. I suppose we will find out next year.


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