Radio Sure Streams and Records 12,000 Radio Stations

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Windows only: Pared-down portable application Radio Sure streams and records more than 12,000 channels of music and other radio feeds. If you can’t find something to listen to, you’re probably not looking hard enough.

The interface of Radio Sure is straightforward, if a bit cluttered. It starts with a master list of radio stations and a search box to narrow down the stations by genre, country, language, and other name. At the bottom of the window are some basic controls for playing and recording the streams, as well as information about the song if it’s embedded in the source. If you’re looking for even more online music, check out our feature on downloading and listening to free music on the web. If you have your own favorite means of streaming radio wherever you are, share in the comments below.

~ by kinshay on 2009-04-06.

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