Create Edible Gummy Shot Glasses

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Trying to figure out what to serve your skittles-infused vodka in? Why, a flavored gummy shot glass, of course.

ShesParticular at tinkering haven Instructables uploaded a ridiculously simple tutorial on making your own gummy shot glasses. The gist of it: you use a silicone mold intended for making ice shot glasses, you microwave a bunch of gummi worms on a low heat to melt them, and then you pour the mixture into the molds. There are some details to refine the process included in her tutorial, but the basis of technique is executing gummi worms with a microwave. If you’d like finer control over the process than simply melting pre-made gummi worms, make sure to check out how to make your own gummy candies for a great tutorial covering the process of making gummy candies from scratch.

Gummi Shot Glasses [Instructables]

~ by kinshay on 2009-03-21.

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