FizzBin – The Technical Support Secret Handshake

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We need a word that says “I know tech” when you’re on the phone with tech support, you’d just say “Fizzbin” and they’d know.

I hate that 5 minute to 5 hour long “ramp up” when I’m on the phone with any kind of technical support as they realize that we both know what we’re doing. Or at least, one of us does.

“So, click the start menu…type C M D and press enter. Tell what you see?”

I propose that “Fizzbin” skips that first hour. I don’t like feeling like it’s an ego thing. I don’t want to have to say, “Hey, I kind of know this stuff, can we kick it up a notch?” I don’t like explaining that YES, I’ve checked the cable, and YES, I have tried resetting the modem.

I’d like my tech support experience to go like this:

“Hi, Internet Tech Support…what’s your issue?”


“You have an IP?”

“No. Your DHCP isn’t passing out IPs. Am I banned?”

“Looks like your MAC is xxxx, you’ve been running a torrent?”

“Yes, I’ll stop.”

“Cool. You’re un-banned. Fizzbin.”

“Sweet. Catch you later.”

Fizzbin. It’s like pressing “0” at the automated teller prompt, but for geeks.

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