25 Datapoints of Shay

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  1. I prefer the bash shell. I even figured out how to make cygwin portable so I can use it whenever I wind up on a windows machine.
  2. Bought a new 2008 Jeep Wrangler are the deals were to good to pass up
  3. Starting working at age 12 for a deli busing tables and washing dishes.
  4. (Used to) Like to get drunk and watch country videos on youtube.
  5. Feels self satisfied when televisionwithoutpity.com makes points I have mulled in my head, like why did they stop going to wong fu’s seeing Heavy D and wind up in a generic diner.
  6. Doesn’t answer the house phone unless it’s the wife (she has a special ring tone.)
  7. Favorite lunch spot is a genuine 1950s diner in Woburn that is now a thai restaurant.
  8. Met Jabar Gaffney at a hotel bar
  9. Has worn the same model of boots (3 pair) for the past 14 years, once switching a pair with Shane by accident for a 2 year stretch.
  10. Developed an occasional fear of bridges after driving up 95 through Baltimore.
  11. Uses google search bar as a spell check and calculator more than for searching.
  12. Is bringing the Family + Mom to Ireland in two weeks.
  13. Gave a light to, and smoked a cigarette with Coolio at the airport in St Louis.
  14. Record, put on ipod, and listen to every second of the Ron and Fez Show.
  15. Averages < 1 call per day on my cell
  16. I rock at my job, which is so inside and specialized it is near impossible to translate to a different position.
  17. Want to go see Shane for Xmas 2009, wherever he is.
  18. Uses Windows, Linux and OS X at home
  19. Happy my employment seems pretty guaranteed, at least for a while.
  20. Dated my wife when we were 15 – and she dumped me for being to nice. We met back up @30.
  21. Give myself a shot once week, first time I almost passed out. Medication costs insurance company 2 – 4K per month.
  22. Straight up script kiddie.
  23. Once took me 8 hours to get home 35 miles in a snow storm.
  24. Once drank a fifth of Jack Daniels in one evening.
  25. Has a fantasy of meeting Tom Brady – and asking him to get me Mike Vrabel’s autograph.

~ by kinshay on 2009-01-30.

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