The Rebirth of Corcoran Brothers, or How to Drive Jake Crazy*

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It is so much easier hitting up all your buds on facebook, or sending out short tweets on twitter than to come up with a good post. Blogging isn’t what it used to be. I used to have  more time and a lot more enthusiasm for posting. I would rather not post than post shit. Even the technical aspects of running the site lost its luster. Facebook became decent enough for me to forgo posting here. (Although like most geeks who have run their own website, it is very difficult to get used to.) Twitter is easy and sending a somewhat meaningful message inside 140 characters is a fun mental game, like writing horrible haikus.

We used to have a lot of fun on here. A lot of great back and forth. Because I stopped writing, all that went away, or more properly, moved elsewhere. So, rather than pretend I still ran a website, I moved the front page to a bunch of links to the brothers’ different web presence, facebook, etc…

This saddened Jenn, who thought  if anything just aggregate all those other presences here. GENIUS!

I hate having to update across different sites, a real downside to the “social” web is the lack of cross posting. Here is a central portal. I have set up so all my twitter tweets, flickr pics and google reader items that I share show up here. Da Kine’s flickr is imported as well. Anytime I update one of those, within 20 minutes it becomes an entry here.  As I am always tweeting, this website should have content most days. The fun part is now it gets shared with those outside of twitter, etc…

Sadly, Facebook does not have rss support to use in this way. I could fake some decent feeds, but you need to be logged in to get them to work, so from my home system they would work, from the cron job, not so much. So, no facebook updates here.

So far it is just me and da kine. If anyone else wants to participate, I will happilly add their sources to the page. Any site you use that has an rss feed dedicated for you I can add in here. Not just the brothers, any of the old school regulars. (I was going to add Jenn’s flickr, but it is full of bugs 😦 )

* How would this drive Jake crazy?


That’s the comment the system held on to even though the post was deleted. Odd. Yes, if you follow me on twitter, et al, you we see some dupes. A lot of dupes. Sorry…

~ by kinshay on 2009-01-08.

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  1. That’s funny about Jake – the fact that he posts everything to FriendFeed drives me nuts because I get dupe posts from him on my Facebook wall *all* the time.

    And yeah, I don’t think you really want to expose your friends and family to “Bug of the Day”…

  2. Yeah, I actually spent some time thinking about filtering some stuff out of my FriendFeed so that my Facebook dupes would lessen. Instead I uninstalled the Twitter app on Facebook. If I took Plurk off my FriendFeed there actually wouldn’t be any dupes at all. So, I say you’re exaggerating a bit, Jenn. Eventually I’ll give up on Plurk, though and life will be good, I swear.

    My main problem is context: Twitter is one type of thing; Plurk/FB status is another thing; and the BlahStuff is (ever so rarely these days) for a whole nother thing. I will occasionally repeat a sentiment on both Twitter and Plurk/FB (I double them up via but I will actually retype it slightly differently for each.

    My main beef is if @responses from Twitter show up in here. Ideally you’d be able to rig it so that it only included your tweets that has a #tag (something like #corcoran, say) in it.

  3. Also, the posts created from Google Reader look like you are ripping off content. I went to the home page and started thinking “Look at all these awesome posts! How do these seem familiar and yet I don’t remember them coming from Shay?”

  4. All that said, I should really fix my busted ass site someday….

  5. I am absolutely not exaggerating. I never ever exaggerate. Ever.

    Seriously though, FFeed was at one point driving me so crazy that I unsubscribed to yours, but it just kept feeding me JakePosts as if I hadn’t. It’s all settled down now, for the most part.

  6. Jake, Re: Reader, that was a big concern of mine. One of the nice things about wp-o-matic is you can customize the post structure. So at the bottom of any reader post, you’ll see:

    This is not original content. This post was found in an rss feed and is being shared using Google Reader. All credit goes to the original author. The original entry can be found here.

    I thought it looked better at the bottom, but maybe I should move it to the top of the post to make it absolutely clear….

  7. Moved the disclaimer to the top, any new reader posts will show it prominently. Now to try and dedupe – do I remove the reader&flickr feeds from facebook?

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