The Obamessiah spaketh…

and he did say, “Foul daemons, cast your prices down, for I am who can and did”.

The ground shooketh as the daemons were dispossessed of their gains. “I am Individual” said one. “I am Liberty” said another. “I can take of myself really”, said a third, “and frankly, I like the feel of slightly under inflated tires”.

But the Obamessiah, the newly elected Lord, Overseer of the redemption of Camelot-with-Seatbelts, Prince of Green, Redistributor of Wealth, and Ensurer of Health for all, lowered His Holy hands, and with that even the Lepertarians were able to afford fuel.

gas prices ... what ?

Amen, I say to you, four years of Wonder will abound.

~ by kinshay on 2008-11-12.

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  1. well, down to $1.69 in town. pretty pissah if you ask me….

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