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New Ink, haz sum:

Neew Ink

That’s a compass rose with (yes I broke a cardinal rule here) my wife’s name in Hebrew in the middle. I was thinking of going with red for the accent color, but it looked too much like an anarchist star. It’s my first tattoo that is easily seen, and I am digging the fact that I can see it unlike my others.

Thank you to you all who gave me birfday shout outs. The IT manager got me good at work. I am not shy about my birthday, I don’t hide it, but I do not go around letting everyone know when it is either. Not a big deal to me. He thought it would be fun to screw with me, so he set a reminder in half the company’s calendars to let them know. Not one common reminder I can go and delete, each calendar got its own note. I got happy birthdays all day long. I was rather humiliating, as most thought I gave them the reminder myself.

The wife got me a kindle as a present and gave it to me a couple of months ago before we went away on vacation. I am loving it! Finish a book in the middle of New Hampshire outside some arcade, 30 secods later I have a new one. One of the guys at work sent me a link to feedbooks which is a pdf you download on the kindle. In the pdf are links to kindle format books that are public domain or open source. Find a book you want, click the link, it downloads to the kindle for free. I comfortably read for 6 straight hours on it. I really dig it.

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  1. Nice Jew tat.

  2. insert racist, fairly funny comment here.

  3. How about this?

  4. Jake, that’s like an evil LOLcat thing. But with babies. So I guess it’s nothing like LOLcats atall.

  5. 4chan is da shit. Da Kine is just jealous as he is going for this (NSFW)

  6. that will do jake, that will do.

  7. See? These was the good ol’ days.
    Or at least an approximation.

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