might as well make a list

1. ricky gervais was awesome. july 14th wamu theater.

2. apparently, self-righteous john edwards was banging his video director. fool, never f’ with the national enquirer.

3. manny is dead to me.

4. i’d say that between the three of us, we don’t update here as often as we should.

5. i like good summer tv (see: mad men, closer, phineas and ferb)

6. speaking of phineas and ferb, i now get disneyHD. yay!!

7. bernie mac has returned his obelisk to charon.

8. the opening ceremonies of the summer olympics were amazing. but the air is not the only thing to worry about in beijing.

that’s about it for now…

WORLD EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Chef is dead. Treadmills kill. When will the government do something about this, for the children.

~ by kinshay on 2008-08-09.

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  1. Yeah Boy – Happy Birfday!

  2. 1. yeah

    2. the only thing edwards could do that i would consider interesting would be to spontaneously combust.

    3. yeah, weird. want my t-shirt back?

    4. i came here a few weeks back and the servers were experiencing some tension. i assumed shay had finally shut this thing down.

    5. i liked fancy nancy.

    6. huzzah hd.

    7. too bad. he cracked me up.

    8. outlaw knives. it will unhappen.

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