Frak Yeah

In a dualistic way, there are two types of time in the world: time spent watching BSG, and time spent waiting to watch BSG. I have to kill 9.5 hours until the next all-new episode airs. I will likely spend that time in contemplation of the awesomeness that is BSG.

~ by kinshay on 2008-04-18.

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  1. are you fraking kidding me?!?! what have they done?

  2. I know. It’s sooo pissah. Every time you think you can make a good guess at what will happen next, they speedbag you in the satchel and leave you wanting more. TV, that, is. Not speedbagging.

  3. Just watched last week’s ep…I feel drained. The show is awesome but there aren’t enough Robot Chickens in the world to watch to get yourself out of the funk afterwards…

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