Songs I Disagree With

Courtney and I have had numerous conversations about songs that we both completely disagree with that manage to totally and completely have the ability to convince schmucks to agree with their argument. Below are the three chiefs of the tribe that are well worth a legal download:

Hawaii 78. Hawaii ’78 is Bruddah Iz’ most powerful song amongst many. It advocates Hawaiian self-rule and castigates selling out to the ha’ole. Ne’er you mind that the royalty of that blessed land held their people in serfdom and sold them out to white invaders for fun and profit. Semper Havaii!

Dollar Day. A mish-mosh of conspiracy theories, race-baiting, and classism, Mos Def makes palatable the idea that a dollar per resident of New Orleans would have saved those people who lived in abject poverty well below sea level. Don’t get me wrong: Brownie was not doing a helluva job, but the half-retarded mayor and stoopid governor didn’t help.

Cunts are Still Running the World. Wow. I can’t even begin on this one. A socialist indictment of everything that differentiates the first world from all the others, it still makes one think, “Wow, what if British Socialists are right?” Cheers, Jarvis Cocker: you have done your job.

Spend the 2.97$US to get these songs. It might change your life for the worse.

* Sean turned me on to Jarvis Cocker, I think. Or Children of Men. I’m no sure which.

~ by kinshay on 2008-04-09.

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  1. i gave you jarvis.

    i completely disagree with everything that “rage against the machine” has to say, but i love ’em. there is that part of me that says you’ve become part of the machine. practice what you preach, etc.

    frankly, i’m can rationalize the hypocrisy whilst rocking out.

    i’m almost the same with post “vs.” pearl jam. although their music has been in decline for a while.

  2. For me, whether or not I enjoy a song I disagree with is subjective depending on the delivery. I love a lot of old protest songs because of the creativity. The writers don’t necessarily spell everything out so there’s a puzzle to figure out. Mix that with an impassioned delivery and I’m not going to shoot the messenger. I’m just going to drive a little faster and tap my foot.

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