shaughnessy stylee, again.

yo yo yo… latest compilation post from your hip hop fave kinyah.

  •  wine o’ the week: i hope this becomes a weekly feature at   tilia malbec syrah is our wine o’ the week. this glass offers a silky feel in the mouth, not too tannic, black fruit, cherries(?), a little earthiness. a great bottle at $8-10. i recommend that you open it up (maybe decant it) 15-20 minutes before serving. yum.
  •  scott weiland really, really loves drugs. he loves them much more than either of two successful bands.
  • storage is ridiculously cheap and plentiful.
  • matt walsh, i’m calling you out. say what you’ve got to say, you f’n pussy. and if you’ve got nothing, then damn your eyes AND your short game.
  • TV roundup: (for da kine) scrubs’ back, FNL’s minka, the return of BSG. (for me) biggin’ up heroes and chuck on monday nights, mad men, and surprisingly, pushing daisies. join either of the two “saving moonlight” campaigns.
  • also, lost kicks ass this season. SPOILERS
  •  offa jake’s so def post. i am assembling a media server. any recommendations are welcome via email or comments.

damn. i am so street.  peace out bitches. YO!

~ by kinshay on 2008-04-02.

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  1. Minka thinks she is being followed by helicopters, because everywhere she goes, she hears ‘fap, fap, fap’. Hayoo!

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