Driving down the other posts

i really don’t have a lot, but the last nine days of seeing the super blah post at the top of the page has made me sick.

  1. pitchers and catchers on thursday. no. not my plans for a long weekend. it’s spring training, baby.
  2. yay! the writer’s strike is over. let’s execute reality tv. we can make a reality show about blowing its brains out.
  3. currently watching: mad men – amc (tivo’d), 6 nations rugby (dl’d), sarah connor chronicles – fox (tivo’d), lost – abc.
  4. listening to: steve merchant bbc6 (ipod), WEEI (radio), white stripes’ “icky thump” and “rag and bone” , “rat pack” collection (6 cds) love me some sammy jr.
  5. a beagle won “best in show” at the westminster dog show. i am stunned. STUNNED i tell you. the key to the victory, according to “uno” the championship beagle ? leaving his supermodel girlfriend at home.
  6. either roger clemens or brian mcnamee are going to jail for perjury.
  7. g_d damn storage is cheap. this drive = $.22 per gig.  i remember scant years ago when we thought we were lucky to get $1/GB.
  8. natalie portman (wait for da kine to finish tugging it)(still waiting) has come out with a line of vegetarian shoes. i didn’t realize that shoes ate meat.
  9. speaking of wonky eyed peta people, old friend kristen bell (VM, heroes) is in the next apatow movie, “forgetting sarah marshall”. she looks good in it.
  10. yes, i will go to the harry potter theme park, but i will wait a while once it’s open.
  11. kintees.com is working on a whole new set of tees to debut sometime before opening day.

peace out homies !!!

~ by kinshay on 2008-02-13.

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  1. Thank you brother Sean for finally putting up some interesting reads. would have appreciated a link to the portman girl. Da kine should stop “tugging” and start creating 🙂

  2. i still can’t post… well mostly.

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