We’re gutted about the Super Blah

I’ve never been as disappointed at the end of an athletic event. The party was great, good food , good drinks. Even Hanley’s cigars were good. At 7-3 at the half, I stopped drinking and started pacing.

Let’s just say we didn’t sleep very well last night. How do the Patriots get out coached, outplayed, and, well how the frak does this happen ?

This may be the end of the Golden Age.

~ by kinshay on 2008-02-04.

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  1. Simmons:

    Who were these guys? Where was the team I watched for the past few months? Why aren’t we attacking these guys? Why did we stick with our January cold-weather offense when we’re playing indoors?

    And right as I was wondering about all this stuff, Tom Petty started playing “Free Fallin.'”

    That said, I’m fairly nonplussed. As much as I enjoyed the “Eff You” Patriots this year, it’s hard to feel bad when they finally get popped one. They were not a likable team this year.

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