Aight, fuckers, answer me this: why would someone pay $240 to go to a certain location via train when there is airfare available for $280-320?

Situation: I have a 4-day weekend this weekend, immediately following my 3-day last weekend. I am sick of driving 600 miles with traffic in Bodymore, Murdaland and Connectthedots – pushing the travel time to 11 hours each way – so I thought I’d research other modes of travel. Trains are quaint and relaxing, allowing geeks like me to catch up on my sci-fi and art history reading, but $240 fucking dollars?

I’ma bin the whole idea. If it was Super Bowl weekend that gave me the four days, I’d brave I-95, but two weekends in a row is too much. I just want to know why in the name of Buddha’s blue balls I should pay $240 for round-trip tickets on a mode of locomotion that takes 10+ hours for me to reach my destination.

~ by kinshay on 2008-01-24.

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  1. A) Is Da Kine on the mainland these days?

    2) This is the catch-22 of AmTrak: Nobody does rail travel because it’s too expensive for what you get (slower travel) / It’s expensive because nobody does it.

    III) From what I hear, American rail travel isn’t exactly the Orient Express. Unless maybe you chip in even more for extra room, privacy, etc.

  2. Kin-wife had this quandary going to NYC for the day last Sundee. The train cost about the same, but factor in the $40 cab ride to and fro Queens to Manhattan, plus the extra time spent checking in both ways for the plane, it worked out to her advantage to take a more relaxing, roomy train. The math dictates the further away you go, the less the the worthiness of the train. You are far enough away to warrant a plane, specially since someone would pick your ass up at logan.

    Also – Da kine and miracleed (lyrically) are on the east coast. My heart swims in the brotherhood.

    Also also, I am thinking Sushi bowl next Sundee…

  3. Hmm…last time I had to take a “short” flight to DC I sat in the airport for 6 hours before my flight took off (boarded and deplaned twice). Including travel time to and from airports and horrible stress of waiting in huge lines of angry folks, and having to pack things in ridiculous little tubes, I gladly would have traded for a nice train ride. Do trains get weather delays like planes?

  4. i know that i’ll sound like a broken record, but the rails are another example of your government subsidies at work.

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