f’n virus

so, for the last two weeks the family and i’ve been stricken by a mystery virus. it started off all headcold-like in Maggie, then Colleen.

a week ago, it smacked me pretty good. full on coughing, stuffed sinuses, no appetite (i mean, c’mon, you KNOW i’m ill), chills, fever, etc.

the best part for me was the angioedema. welts. hives. loads of them and at inconvenient times, like 3 or 4 am. i wanted to rip my skin off. oh, yeah, plus my lips, hands and feet swole up like sherman klump. i wound up in the ER for 4.5 hrs of a sunday. the proscribed course of 4 days of prednizone and a 14 day supply of benedryl just about has it knocked out, although the cough, dopiness and fear of “leakage” (don’t let your mind wander too far) remain.

i have never hated the writer’s strike so much, although i’ve been forced to try a few new shows.

  • watched the first two episodes of CBS’ “moonlight”. pretty decent. intriguing. good to see jason dohring doing the same exact Vmars thing. also, two Vmars references in the first show. nice tribute.
  • watched first two Fox’ “sarah connor chronicles”. great to see old friend summer glau. she totally kicks ass in a completely different way than river tam. decent show.
  • lost fiends. find815.com, the new lost game. easy. good. nice teaser.
  • knocked up was funny enough. i think seth rogen, and i know i’m out here on a limb, likes to a-smoke-a-da-weed.
  • munster rugby, the patriots, the celts. what else to say ?

alright. back to gettin’ better. if i drink another glass of oj i might just puke.

~ by kinshay on 2008-01-18.

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  1. You have feline HIV. Cat Fag.

  2. at least i’m getting some pussy, dog-boy.

  3. Seamus straight stole the Cat AIDS joke from me. A further refinement (with help from my boy Glasseye): you got Cat AIDS through your wiener hole. Say it aloud. It sounds brilliant.

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