Michelle Wie turned 18 a coupla months ago. Just sayin’…Wenn Sie an einem Videopoker Spielautomaten zu texas hold em poker begonnen haben, dürfen Sie jeder Zeit den Nennwert Ihrer eingesetzten Munzen verändern, indem Sie in der unteren linken Ecke auf plus oder minus klicken.

~ by kinshay on 2008-01-05.

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  1. i wonder why some psycho perv fan (da kine?) hasn’t set up a “wiekipedia” ?
    copyright kinyah 2008

  2. Did you miss the part where she’s 18? How am I a perv? See here and here for more evidence that I ain’t dirty. (Please, Jesus, let those Wikipedia authors have the dates right.)

  3. Perviest post evah.

  4. That first link is for Alia Shawkat, but I can’t get wordpress to behave. Do a wiki search, for chrissakes.

  5. dude… the giddy naughty vibe you give off when you refer to anything sexual skeeves me out no end.

  6. srsly. how old are you? I don’t care how much brain damage you got “in the shit”.

  7. You all are some projecting muthafrakkers. Who ever said anything about sex? You’re the dirty ones, you…dirty ones.

  8. shane, you are walking on the edge of a cliff.

  9. Uhm, ed, thats the ring tone I have on my cellie whenever JDY calls. Seriously, when people here that phrase coming from my ass pocket (wife, co-workers, etc) they all shout “Hey Joe Da yuz!.

  10. It’s a point of pride.

  11. don’t take the focus away from the fact that if courtney has the audacity to die before shane does he is two bad days an a six pack of mickey’s big mouths way from following the school bus home from the high school furiously masturbating under the steering wheel.

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