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Courtney and I had a bit of an argument regarding politics during her brief sojourn to the East Coast. She, ever the nutty one, said that Dennis “Batshit Crazy” Kucinich’s wife was the hottest prospective first lady. No, no, I said, Fred “Hunt For Red October Rulez” Thompson’s wife is superior. The objects of our respective arguments:

Nice Angling of the Frame

Mmmmm... tatas

Mmmmm... tatas (take two)

Look at that lovely smile, those beautiful…curves, the sturdiness of her; Jeri Thompson looks like a chick who could drink a beeah or two and talk about teh futball then go home and make you yell. You can see why she’s my pick!

And Courtney’s rubbish pick:

Nice Skin, I Guess

I Do Like Redheads...

Wow, Nice Smile!

Sure, Elizabeth Kucinich is a redhead with porcelain skin who’s well fit. Courtney points out that she has a cute little English accent and a tongue ring, which I guess are kind of bonuses. Oh, and she’s younger than me. Lemme look at that third picture again.

Sheeeeeeet, I think I changed my mind. Yeah, Mrs. K is smokin’ and Mrs. T looks a bit frumpled in comparison. Batshit’s wife wins!

~ by kinshay on 2008-01-03.

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  1. do you think thompson nick-named her breasts law and order? hey yo! order the veal!

  2. fred thompson has dropped out. frankly, i thought his performance was poor at best. goodnight jeri thompson, we hardly got to view you.

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