i gotta post more…

but i got nothing to say. ok random commentary here we go.

  1. Superbad = Supergood. the movie is yu-frakkin-larious and then you have another whole disc of ridiculous extras. my favorite bit of the 2nd disc is the “music” section where bootsy collins, bernie worrell, et al jam out the score.
  2. 60% of my hard drive is consumed by itoons (50 gig) and family pix (10 gig). i do have a ton of extra space on my server and porto drive. heck, the 65 gig of the ruggah world cup is currently spread over both with tons of room to spare.
  3. i now tend bar at a fancy shmancy place in providence. the work is alright, but the food is outstanding.
  4. i don’t get most brit rock and the stuff i do like is completely derivative of this side of the atlantic.
  5. dumbledore is gay ?!?! who cares ? i’m more interested in his machiavellian manipulation over the course of seven books. that is intensely more fascinating. for the rest of the harry potter fans who regularly read this blog, pottercast had a two parter with jkr herself.
  6. finally, since the red sox went down 3-1 to cleveland in october, the pats, sox, and celts are a combined 44-3(as of today). please let me say this again boston sports fans: this is the golden age. enjoy this time. relish it, revel in it, drink it in and most of all remember it. without any doubt, you will bore you grandchildren about how fantastic it was to love boston sports during this time (2001-20??). hopefully there will be a few more championships during this era, but this time too will end. take everything you can from it and feel free to gloat. you will never see anything like this again.

that’s pretty much it.

~ by kinshay on 2008-01-03.

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  1. the rest of the potter fans that read this blog regularly?

  2. *ahem**cough**I very well may be the rest of the Potter fans who read this blog regularly.*cough**ahem*

  3. no way man!

  4. my apologies. i stand corrected.

  5. jesus

  6. don’t you mean “douche”???

  7. nah, that is shane

  8. isn’t kinyah “fag”?

  9. enough of your precious name calling. which of you hmos have seen the doctor who “voyage of the damned” christmas special? if issues 99 to 138 of uncanny x-men taught me how to love, this taught me what true loneliness is. brilliant. and kylie minogue is milf-tastic.

  10. I’ve seen it. I’m not a big Kylie fan, and I’m wicked pissed that they’re punting my sweet darling Freema over to Torchwood for that nasty runaway bride. Still, it was a fun watch.

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