128 Sucks


STP80367, uploaded by kinshay. More pictures here.

I may have taken it in the rear, but I took it like a man


Backstory – I was cruising into work in the normal stop and go. I got past route 1, stopped with traffic, and the F150 behind me was not paying attention. He slammed the brakes and cut right, but still clipped me something good. He drive past with the airbag in his face. I pulled off to the left (we were in the left lane), he cut across to the right shoulder on a flat front left tire. All these cars started pulling off to the left onto the grass as well, I thought it must have been an accordion effect. Nope, the dbags all decided rather than wait and stay on the road, they would cut around me on the outside, over the grass, and hop back into the open lane. Not a single asshat cutting around stopped and asked if I was ok. I wound up pulling up another 20 yards so I could get out of the car. One trucker did open his window in the slowdown, he was on the highway, and asked iof I was ok and needed it called him.

The Statey showed up inside of 5 minutes, stopped all traffic so I could cross the highway to were the other guy was, then took the info. He said it would be 10 days or so to get the report, but that it was completely the other guys fault. I was very calm, through the whole thing, literally saying accidents happen. I drive 128 every day, I knew it would happen at some point. I am glad when it did no one got hurt.

I am impressed with how well the insurance thing works. I have Arbella… I got home at 9:30 or so, had a claim number in 20 minutes, 20 minutes later was being assessed at the drive in appraiser’s in Brockton, then made an appointment, dropped off the car at the body shop, and got a rental. I expected much more pain and bureaucracy. Still a giant pain in the ass, but given the circumstances, smooth…

~ by kinshay on 2007-12-11.

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  1. Bummer.
    It’s snowing like a bitch here today. My commute into work was only 3X normal. I expect the ride home to be horrendous.

  2. that’s it ? no story ? were you surprised that the back window blew out ?

  3. I was sitting there after pulling up to let the dbags not hit me getting out of the car, and thought, “Why is it windy in here?” Then I realized the window was shattered.

  4. There is a little more discussion on the flickr site, and more pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kinshay/2103795208/in/photostream/

    As for image pop, compare left side and right side:

  5. Dammnit, no pics in comments, here then; http://www.flickr.com/photos/kinshay/2104455126/in/photostream/

  6. Ed, can I PLEASE post the text of your response to Seamus’ original e-mail, or will that violate OPSEC and/or rules of douchebaggery? It is simply the funniest thing I have ever read, and your execution of understated sarcasm approaches the sublime.

  7. nope, just for us.

  8. While the reply was so fucking good it should be shared, there si something delicious about keeping it in.

    Besides, it made me look like a giant douche.

  9. Boo.

  10. double boo.

  11. car fixed? updates? pix? you live?

  12. Car is still in the shop, if I am lucky I get it back the end of next week. Don’t get me wrong, rolling in the Impala ain’t bad, but it ain’t my car.

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