HD Revolution

I broke down and got an HDTV because it was on sale at the NEX. Then, of course, I had to get the HD Tivo. Now I’m thinking of getting an HD-DVD or whatevs (mayhaps an X-Box 360 add-on?) simply to watch one thing in HD.

Children of Men is the best movie of the past ten years; it even kicks Saving Private Ryan in the ass. It was so good in the theater that I saw it four times on the silver screen. The DVD loses something. Am I willing to spend however much it takes to get an HD-quality DVD player to recapture that feeling?

~ by kinshay on 2007-11-02.

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  1. CoM is fan-fucking-tastic.
    My Korean friend tells me Blu-Ray is teh shit, tho.

  2. I just recently saw that LG makes a Blu-Ray / HD-DVD combo player.
    That raised an eyebrow for sure.

  3. Here’s the magic that Jake was talking about. Someone else mentions that movie studios are backing Blu-ray moreso than HD. I can’t find anything else indicating that though.

  4. Whoa… $1000+ for a dvd player? Yipes!

  5. Now if it had those features plus a VCR, maybe I’d consider it…

  6. f’ that noise homey, its gots to have Betamax to be the real deal, plus what about all of my 8 trax ??

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