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I love me some rss. Seriously. Google Reader is the shiznit. I love server side rss grabbin. Sure sometimes I wish the refresh was a bit quicker on smaller sites, but big site, small site, and tv torrents piped through some yahoo tubes, I am golden. I think thats why I never actually post comments on the awesome BlahStuff… I read it on rss, and have too much time to think about what a horrible comment it would be by the time I browse to the actual post.

I saw this  link from rss from lifehacker.com and actually used it. <ramble>Now this is surprising as I have become a security-o-phobe lately. The Wife calls me on the cell phone cause the orthodontist wants my social security # in addition to the membership ID on my plan card. I tell said orthodontist office to go screw, Blue Cross can call me directly if they think there is fraud, built they do not need my soc. Like the time the mail order specialty pharmacy asked for my diagnosis  when ordering a prescription I am forced to order with them. Fuck you. My awesome doctor tells me side effects and how to use. Shit, people ordering shots in needles are long term users and don’t “need” the extra instruction. That’s for pussy first time shooters. What’s you bra size anonymous drug pusher rep? Oh, is that an inappropriate question? So is you asking what fucking skin deformities I have needing this medication. My doc told me what I needed to know. No data mining on me mother-fucker. I digress. </ramble>

So I surprising uploaded my bill and it showed that when I added Mom to the plan, yes Kin-Mom, they signed her up for text messaging. WTF? Kin-Mom was still in Nextel/sprint about 4 years out of contract. She was paying about $60 a month for cell service. I added her to my Cingular/New AT&T as an extra line. Costs me abou, oh, $10 a month. Firstly, she keeps incisting she pay each month for her portion of the bill. That is ridiculous. I wipe my nose with $10 a month. Secondly, we did not ask for text messgaing on her account, as she never sends nor receives text messages.

Hell, I don’t use text messaging. The most I used it was Edo coming to town trying to pick him up at the airport.  Even at $.15 a text it only cost me $3.75. I asked the AT&T to take it off and he did, all the way back to February when we signed her up. That’s $40 dollars son, that is almost ass-wiping money.

I kept a personal line because one, I like to keep work cell phone and personal separate  and two, when I carry the blackberry from work, I <ocd /> HAVE to check my work email. If I ditch the BB at home and go out, I am much calmer, and have no excuse/tool to avoid my awkward social interactions. This is a mixed bag, but fuck it, I am trying. Double carrying most times is a pain, but it is worth the extra effort such as it is for the time when it comes in required.

Where was I? Oh yes. So I reviewed  my contacts/address book list on my personal cell phone tonight. I have heard about this ICE concept – listing someone in your phone book as In Case of Emergency. I tried it before, but the caller id kept fucking up between Kin-Wife and Several Kin-Bruthahs (I had more than one listed.)

On this phone (synced to the Mac) I listed instead of ICE as by relationship. Brother – Kin Yah Dude, Wife – Rachel, Brother – Hawaiin Douchie, etc… As I went through the contacts tonight, I saw I have only 16 persons on my list. 16 – Doctor, Lawyer, Boss, Mom, and Brothers = 9 persons. Of those 9 persons, I may actually call 3 of them every few months. WTF up with that?

I think Men and Women are different. If I needed bail money, I have few people I could call. But of those I would call, I know I would not have to worry about being blown off.  I could count on them for the big stuff.

Who’s in your contact list. Would they help hide a body? Sure, I may sit home on Sunday watching that Pat’s rather than go to the Stoughton Cinema Pub alone, but I know if Bri needed a marrow transplant, everyone in that phone book would be a donor if they could.

I may have few friends, but those I have are the best you could ever hope for. They, along with my blood, are my brothers.

Built in Firefox spell-checking has helped me correct 32 typos and misspelling’s for this post. Love me some Firefox.

P.S. Jesus Christ, can I get more fucking maudlin and sentimental? WTF? Y’all lucky I chose Ketel One over Xanax. Xanax is some shitty posting.

P.P.S. Tivo is offering me a transfer my lifetime subscription for $200 if I buy a new TiVo hd. While I don’t have an HD tv, this would allow for future growth with probable less cost, but I have no need for it now, only want. And as Da Kine will tell you, desire is the root of all suffering. What’s a bruthah with a Q3 bonus check to do?

P.P.P.S I added these postscripts just to piss off da kine, who rightfully pointed out before that the post script has no rightful place in the email/electronic age. Pen to inkl  you can not easily add to or change your written words. The post script is an obvious addendum to what was already permanently written. Modern times had a backspace button. Still, causing the art major grief over the dichotomy of using an antiquated writing tool unnecessarily for someone who supposedly appreciated the style and tools of the ancients brings me much joy.

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  1. douche

  2. P.S.: Apparently your spellcheck doesn’t help out with mistakenly using apostrophes in a simple plural, you douchebag.

  3. How can you not have an HD tv? Some early adopter you are :-P.

    I am resisting the urge to follow the commenting trend of douchebaggery…

  4. STFU and post your comment to my href=”http://www.blahstuff.com/oldstuff/2007/10/18/694/celebrisexy/”>celebrisexy thread, douche-face.

  5. Hmmm. Yeah. I f*cked that up. Who is the douche-face now? ;P

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