Politics Suck

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Al Gore and the IPCC received the Nobel Peace Prize. Burmese monks – co-religionists of mine – are being slaughtered and taking it without striking back. This may seem hypocritical from someone who supplied 155mm artillery rounds to artilleryman to kill Taliban and Al Qaeda, but I think what those monks are doing is the bravest thing possible, a degree of strength that approaches the sublime.

Any judgment I make on the propriety of giving a “Peace Prize” to someone who is relying on computer models to scare the shit out of the world is polluted by my political thoughts, disdain of the man himself, and skepticism of any sort of “consensus” in science. I understand that, but still can’t figure out how a man who never faced crazy fuckers with guns beats out men in robes who give up their lives to make a point in a nonviolent (on their part) manner. I’m fucking emotional about this thing, and that is a rarity to say the least.

~ by kinshay on 2007-10-14.

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  1. douche

  2. How are you supposed to give the monks a medal if they keep getting offed? (I kid!)

  3. Shut up, baby killah.

  4. i just assumed you had nominated this guy.

  5. killing babies with indirect fire doesn’t count

  6. I’ll say it doesn’t! Why if I had a dollar for every toddler that… No. Wait. I was going somewhere else with that….

    Never mind.

  7. Hey, looks like the IPCC may have been lying and cheating to prove their point.


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