Fall Follow Up

Alright kidz the tv season is almost in full swing. I am not loving TV as much as I used to. I don;t record something just because TiVo has an empty slot, and did first runs only. I got too much other shit to do for shows I don’t really enjoy.

Let’s hit the reviews:

Love it – Tivo is set to record 5 episodes, will never hit that cause I watch them within 24 hours of being recorded

Enjoy it – Set to record 10 episodes, hit right after the Love it’s

Record it – If all the others are gone, I try to find the one most interesting and watch that. If Tivo is getting full delete it to ensure I have proper room for others.

Watch with Kin-wife – Kin-Wife makes me wait for her to watch them

Living Room Tivo:
Private Practice
Love it, Watch with Kin-Wife – Doesn’t have the spark of Grey’s yet, like that it is more adult. Will keep watching.

Grey’s Anatomy
Love it, Watch with Kin-Wife – watched it as the summer fillin it started as, loved it. Gets silly at times, but nice time filler.

Big Shots
Record it – Da Kine whacks to it each week I am sure to Michale Vartan. I have em recorded, not watched yet.

Love it – Captain Dick Winters. Love this one. Adam Arkin is a h00t. Obsession with fruit.

How I Met Your Mother
Watch with Kin-wife, enjoy it – About the same as the first two seasons, enjoy it. Watch with Kin-Wife.

The Big Bang Theory
A suprise enjoy it – I work with people like this, so whikle I don’t get the math, I get the jokes.

Two and a Half Men
Record it – Charlie Sheen time filler. WTF, Berta cracks me up.

Rules of Engagement
Enjoy it – Love the older couple, hate the engaged couple, David Spade is a lap dog.

CSI: Miami
Enjoy it – Don’t watch original CSI anymore, Miami is ok, love watching Lt Cane find new ways to express himself with sunglasses

Watch this with Kin-Wife, Love it – The only issue, wifey wants private practise and Greys first, and we run out of time to watch it. Will kill a man to watch Ziva and Abby go at it.

The Unit
Same as NCIS, save Kin-Wife wants Jonas over me wanting Abby/Ziva.

Record it – having watched it yet

Pushing Daisies
Love it – Chuck is oddly hot, Chi Mcbride never dissapoints, and the style is like audlt Dr Suess. Love the narration, though the timiung down to the second will get annoying soon enough.

Womans Murder Club
Enjoy it – Like the clubish girly talk, the reporter is so Mary Louise Parker it is disturbing. Fascinated by Blond DA’s hair.

Office Tivo:

Back to You
Record it – kinda sucks, must be very bored to watch. Probable deletion

‘Til Death
Record it – Hit or miss, after the first 5 minutes I either enjoy it or delete it. Good cleavage.

Criminal Minds
Love it – Love me some crime drama, Mandy Patankin leaving is a loss.

Enjoy it – Crush on Montana, liked it better when it was darker. Love Lt Dan. Needs to move back away from the seasonal story arcs to its roots as one show, one/two cases, stand alone crime drama.

My Name Is Earl
Love It – how long will Earl be in prison? Randy kills me as always. Kin-Wife hates it

The Office
Enjoy it – Don’t start your spouting about the American Office vs. English office. Yes English was way way better. This is a different show. Get over it. WTF is with the run of double episodes? They’ll be making room for another show? (Maybe Scrubs – in it’s final season?)

Without a Trace
Record it – actually, I wound up ditching this one. First season or two was ok, couldn’t take anymore.

Ghost Whisperer
Enjoy it – Jay Mohr, Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Boobs, Ghosts. In that order.

Record it – I miss Angel too. What, did you get bored writing fanfiction and make a show instead? Super rich asshole buddy from VMars is awesome as a prick though

Love it – I hate math, but I love this show. Probably can’t get past that was the guy from Northern Exposure. Huge crush on Dianne Farr.

Cold Case
Record it – same as Without a Trace, hung around taking up hard drive space til I deleted it to make room for other shit.

Record it – Same as Cold Case. Not worth my time.

Surprise Enjoy it – stupid show, but a lot of fun. Glad to see Jane working. Relationship with sister is very very odd.

Love it – Fox show I love, it won’t make it past season 1. Anthony Anderson rocks in this sumbitch. not too too much about Katrina, helps the story, not overly preachy.

Record it- watched pilot when drunk. Don’t recall much. Still have the next two to watch.

Love it – Ahhh angel, you landed on your feet so very well. Semi-Watch with Kin-Wife, it is not a save for her, but I wait until she is doing office work to put it on. Mad crush on Angela.

Love it – 2+2=4. It could be lupus. Love the janitor threw that one out during the season opener. Show can make fun if itself. Yes, it is formuliac. But sometimes that can be comforting. It is like a hiaku. How can you stick to the formula, but still make it enjoyable.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Love it – same as it ever was, with a new guy. Never really thrills, never lets me down.


Love it – yet to watch, wait until the first break, watch them all in a row. Looking forward to it.

Sara Silverman Show
Love it – have not started season 2. Hot in a jewwy kinda way. Hits hard on taboos. One trick pony (in this setting) but I love watching that trick each time.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Love it – waiting to get all to watch.

Downloaded it – All I know is Silent Bob produced it. Will catch up on it when first week of repeats.

Love it – someone leaked the first 2 episodes of the new season, I did not know when I watched them I would have to wait so friggin long for the rest of the season. Read the books, TV show is better. Very rare to say that. Books were good, show delves in to it a lot more.

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  1. Pushing Daisies is definitely on my must watch list. Super quirky, but a pleasant surprise.

  2. Private Practice – hate it, put it on the oxygen network, it is too gay for WE

    Grey’s Anatomy – hate
    Big Shots – don’t know
    Life – don’t know
    How I Met Your Mother – don’t know
    The Big Bang Theory – don’t know
    Two and a Half Men- love it
    Rules of Engagement – don’t know
    CSI: Miami – ooo a crime drama… the love of seeing sipowitz’s ass went out with my fear of the y2k virus
    NCIS- ooo a crime drama… the love of seeing sipowitz’s ass went out with my fear of the y2k virus
    The Unit – coughgaycough
    Cane – don’t know
    Pushing Daisies – don’t know
    Womans Murder Club – books decent… make a good show
    Back to You – don’t know
    ‘Til Death -don’t know
    Criminal Minds – don’t know
    CSI: NY- ooo a crime drama… the love of seeing sipowitz’s ass went out with my fear of the y2k virus
    My Name Is Earl – looks funny, haven’t seen it.
    The Office – heh
    Without a Trace – don’t know
    Ghost Whisperer – if it was patrick swayze and cesar milan solving crimes and righting wrongs then maybe
    Moonlight – i don’t fancy fucking men so i don’t fancy vampires
    NUMB3RS – don’t know
    Cold Case – don’t know
    Shark – don’t know
    Chuck – don’t know
    K-Ville – don’t know
    Journeyman – don’t know
    Bones – don’t know
    House – “casey, didn’t we watch this episode last week? no? this is a premere? it seems so familiar.”
    Law & Order: Special Victims Unit- ooo a crime drama… the love of seeing sipowitz’s ass went out with my fear of the y2k virus
    Heroes – love
    Sara Silverman Show – love
    It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – love
    Reaper – don’t know
    Dexter – don’t know

    i don’t think i am tivo’s target audience

  3. I enjoy The Unit, but that’s just because I’m gay for President “Fuck you, Jobu. I do it myself.” Palmer.

  4. so i sat through an episode of ‘life’. holy fuck what a giant pile of shit. it had Maj Winters and Mrs Renolds and it still sucked horse cock like a tijuana whore. i have a specialized skill set, a knowledge base when it comes to firearms (even before the last job) that fiction writers are rarely able to asuage. that is alright. the brothers and i often have conversations about it. octagonal barrels in two types of pistols… how a silencer works, what effective range is, what the definition of point blank is, etc. it has gotten to the point where we all agree to allow these mere writers to have whaterver factual leway they think their plots need.

    this show life, in which i was willing to allow snipers to go for heart shots, apparently has a writer that watched the history channel’s advert for their frued special, is asking that i give them leway with the special knowledge of ‘computers’. you see apparently if you pour a little soda pop into a keyboard you can short out a network and cause the net admin to abandon their post so that you can get the secret information you need to crack the case.

    one of the things that the brothers and i have used as medicine for swallowing faux gun knowledge is that when we are apart, and in a group of twenty people, we are alone in our awareness of the mistakes. we could explain them if we wanted to but would only be met with, ‘muh?’ therefore, specialized knowledge, and obviously the writer is writing to his audience.

    it is two thousand and seven! who thinks that pouring tonic into a walmat keyboard will short out anything at this point? is this ignorance pandemic enough that this too should be allowed? the show life is for fucking retards.

  5. This video clip (never mind the domain) says at least as much as Ed does about “Life”:

    Holy crap buckets!

  6. i have a new theory that this target audience is the disenfranchised fifty to sixty year old set. much as octogenarians watch matlock and rattle their canes cheering on matlock as he shows those young whippersnappers what for with a bit of gumption and a bit of good old fashioned common sense so too does life.

    our hero has been in a social coma for the last twenty years. he is ignorant of the pervasive power of the electronic age. time and again he is able to over come hardship and save the day because of the skill set he learned before all this cable television and www dot nekkid ladys dot com ruined the world with the kids doing the pot and the cracks in the cocaine.

    i only feel bad because i really liked the actor when he was in band of brothers. loved him at moments. and i have a soft spot for the joni loves chachi of the type cast. i guess it takes spielberg to turn dog shit into diamonds. at least the rome guy’s show doesn’t look like a kick in the nuts.

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