Seriously, WTF is up with Colorado School Systems?

The mildly disturbing pc/fat da kine: (ed – I am a fat-American, hence biased)

9NEWS – Article – School sends home obesity notices with students, parent upset
Her daughter Isabel was sent home from the Centennial K-8 School on Monday with the health notice. It listed her height, weight and body mass index – a measure of body fat. Underneath the listing it had a marking next to the status “overweight.”

And the truly disturbing, shake to my libertarian core:

The Denver Post – Search of kids’ calls rings false
But what happens if officials confiscated phones and then read all the internal phone messages – many of them sent outside of school hours – to unearth “incriminating” evidence? Where do we draw the line when it comes to the privacy of students?The American Civil Liberties Union of Colorado contends that officials at Monarch High in Louisville stepped over the line and committed felonies when they commandeered cellphones, perused text messages, took notes and placed so-called incriminating evidence in the students’ permanent files.

Goddamn. Colorado is making side with the ACLU. I fucking hate that! Transcribing private text messages? Lying about cause, denying parental access? I would throw a fucking fit like you would not not believe if someone tried to pull this shit with/kin-step-kid. Children in private schools surrender certain rights for the ability to attend, however by law these children have to be in school. How is it you force someone to attend, then deny them their most basic right of privacy.

You can yammer on about abortion and prayer in school and all the other bullshit never gonna change 50,000 foot view issues, but this is real time about constitutional rights. Children may have less “rights” as they are protected  more under laws, but that does not strip them of all rights. Activities outside of school do can not affect the performance and judgment of those within the school.

This calls to mind the “Jesus for Bong hits” case that went to the supreme court. If it was a school function, then yes, they can control the speech to an extent. However, outside of school activities, there is no right to suspend, expel, or otherwise punish a student for expressing, however dumbass, their own words.

Lying to parents and students about the nature of cell phone confiscation and transcribing personal messages is an affront unforgivable. I will monitor and judge my child’s messaging.

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  1. i agree with you on many points here, but please keep one thing in mind: the media really, really enjoys crucifying public schools. i’d want to hear directly from the school their version of what happened.

  2. Here’s their response:

    They checked with council who said it was legal. I disagree. If it is legal, then the law should be changed.

    The farce of saying this was to guarantee student safety is laughable on so many levels.

    Also, the TA gives really good hugs. Just saying.

  3. You can’t trust those little fat fuckers with their little sausage thumbs tapping out quiz answers and directions to rainbow parties and shit.

    I say lock ’em all up and chain ’em down while you’re at it.

  4. after reading the release, if i were employed at that school, i’d find a new campus.

    shay is a cuddly, cuddly man. just sayin.

  5. fat people are psychologically unstable. they are engaged in counter intuitive health practices. i think that we, as the skinny, need to identify fat people eating twinkies as potential suicides. people who cannot take responsability for their own well being. fat people need to have their freedom’s taken away for the overall good of society. we have been kind to them long enough… look at the numbers for childhood diabetes, this is what they do with the trust society has bestowed upon them. for the good of the children, we need to man up and condemn these people for what they are. it is a compulsive drive to over eat, for whatever reason it is something they cannot control. the recidivism rate is almost absolute. we should start a state / nationwide database of offenders, make them go door to door in their neighborhoods and identify themselves. we need to get restraining orders that make it illegal to go within five hundered meters of any fast food establishment.

    to hell with children in schools, they have no rights until they are legally able to vote.

  6. I know I’m pointing out the obvious, but fat children really don’t need to do much to identify themselves. You can spot their fat cheeks and beady little eyes a mile away. Get on your bikes and ride, piggies.

  7. it it is dark you can hear them wheezing at about half that distance

  8. They’re out hunting when it’s dark. Hot dog stands or ice cream parlors? No one can say for sure…

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