Friday Night Lights

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Friday Night Lights was the best new show of last year, and it comes closely behind SciFi’s Battlestar Galactica and HBO’s The Wire as the best show on television. This show is so good (and underwatched) that they are offering a money back guarantee on the first season DVDs. It costs $20, for chrissakes. Go buy the thing and see some of the best storytelling, acting, and plot development in the history of the television.

Seamus’ awesome recommendation of Yahoo! TV led me to the premiere episode of season 2. Courtney and I watched it last night, huddled up next to the computer. A few notes:

– They must have gotten some notes from the executives, because there is one story arc that is very non-FNLish, but adds drama, suspense, etc. The wife and I hope it is resolved quickly so they don’t ruin one of our favoritest show. If you’ve seen the first season and premiere of season 2, you know of what I speak.

– The fact that Kyle Chandler and Connie Briton don’t have a mantle full of awards is disgusting. They are so good that it approaches the sublime. Landry, too.

– The GMC will happen sooner than expected: fuckers don’t like to sit around computers and have to contend with skipping and pausing from streaming video. With NBC’s new download policy, the next step is for stuff to go directly to DVRs so people can watch them on the TV. If they build the stupid DRM into it so it expires in a week (as they do with Amazon Unbox stuff already), so be it.

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  1. I agree – if it is free, no bitching about DRM. but if I buy something, I want to own it.

  2. My point is they shouldn’t charge for it. Embed commercials and then let the license expire (if they want). They’ll cling to the DVD model for a while since it is such a money maker, but it has to go away eventually. Bandwidth will improve, HD stuff will be downloadable, and there will be no reason to get the DVDs.

  3. been watching ‘closer’ or whatever, at casey’s behest (glenn close lawyer thing…). and i wanted to give a shout out to ted danson. cheers made him dance as the heart throb for cheers well into his sixties and he was an easy write off. but i thought becker was awesome, a really funny show that cast him in a different role. now he is playing some mega bastard on the gclose show. i am getting the sneaking suspicion that he is an actual actor… a really good one to boot.

    now all i have to do is figure out what the hell is going on on this current show. watching it makes me feel as stupid as the day i was suprised to find out that freddy mercury was gay.

  4. I think you mean Damages…The Closer is the Kyra Sedgwick detective thing.

    Damages kicks ass, every episode has some amazing reveal and I don’t get how they keep it going!

  5. you saying ted danson sucks? go to hell.

  6. Are there 2 eds here? It seems ed.3 is arguing with ed.5

  7. more than 1 ed? that explains so much…

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