How Much Shit Can an 8 Year Old Have?

Preparing for school, we decided to clean out Bri’s room. I can not believe how much shit was shoved into a 10×12 bedroom. Once she brought it all out, we did the TLC Whatevah Home Improvement Show piles of Need, Want and Donate.Knowing she would have to haul everything she wanted to keep back into the room and put away helped motivate Bri to choose wisely. She retained about 15% of the stuff.

Anyone need some toys?


~ by kinshay on 2007-09-04.

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  1. See all the pics here: Flickr

  2. I’m impressed! Can I borrow you for awhile?

  3. Can I plz have the Shrek hands???? 😉

  4. Should there be any brain-teasers (puzzles, etc.) other t han the brain teaser of just sorting thru that sh__, I would take them to my house for when the kids are there. Bri could look thru and if there is something she is unsure about giving up, she could move it to my house and then a few years down the road when I decide enough is enough, we could go thru it again. The playroom really could use some challenges i.e. brain teasers, puzzles, blocks…

    By the way, Shaymala, your psychology was brilliant – of course!

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