The Very Brief Return of Drunken Posting

Some random thoughts and questions

Firstly, having signed up via wife to the Striar JCC I must say kudos to Jake for getting back into rock climbing. While Jake is far from being a fat fuck, he wants to be in good shape, and getting back into it is so very fucking hard. As some of you followed the old (way old) diet of mine from way back when, you’ll be happy to note I ballooned up to a whopping 370 pounds, just in time for my wedding. “Holy fuck!” you say. How does one get up to 370 pounds? I would like to thank my lack of self control, McDonalds, and the awse chinese take out places who kindly brought me my deep fried goodness.

Knowing how much everyone supported me before really kept me on track. That’s why Jake deserves the shout out. We believe in you, you 200 pound skinny fuck. Knowing others will care helps, tremendously. The real question is, why come when you start packing it back on does no one comment on that? Sure, it would seem rude, but come one, I don’t look in the mirror. If I heard “man you’re looking tubby” when gaining as often as often as I heard “looking good McSkinny” when dropping, life would be different. Really not fair to blame everyone else, but what?, am I supposed to hold myself accountable. Not likely.

The wife is concerned about me dropping dead of a heart attack at age 42, so I met with Paul, my personal trainer today. The JCC has the best gym intro I have ever seen. Signing up you have Four 30 minutes sessions with a trainer to go over the equipment and your goals. My goal – not to be a sedentary lump. Paul helped me set some realistic objectives (I don’t do “goals”) I can meet to change the old lifestyle.

Anyhow, I have dropped about 45 pounds going on HMR shakes and whatnot. It helps in two ways, one I have less choice, so I do not make bad choices. 3-5 shakes + 5 fuits and veggies + whatever Kin-Wife gives me for dinner. Score, I drop pounds. Second, I have a partner. Y’all may know him as Mr Mechanic, The Fixer – Charlie. Charlie is Kin-Wife’s best friend’s husband, and all around awesome guy. We weigh in each week, and if I want to stray, I have to think he may beat me in the competition. Yes, Competition. We do 30 pound sets, first one to lose 30 has to buy dinner for both couples. It works out well. He won the first 30, but it was close, and I had already started my diet 3 weeks before hand, and did not have the bonus 7 pounds water weight you piss out.

Other thought – I have turned into a complete light weight. 6 deep into a twin 6 packs of Sam Adams Black Lager and I am tits up tipsy. Thank JoeDaYuz, not only did you kill my father, you gave me introduced me to a beer that is smoother than light beer and knocks me on my ass. No worries though, post 8/19 no drinking at all, too many empty calories. If but only we could subside on microbrew – the world would be an better place. They just go down so quickly. Ms. Caitlin said it was ok to start drinking at 15:45, so if anyone take issue, bring it up with her.

Also – God Bless firefox built in spell-checker.

Final question for the group – Is it wrong (or more properly, how wrong is it); even though it does not fit your tastes at all; to download a porno movie/scene just because the actress looks like your sister-in-law? (or cousin or co-worker, etc…) Anyone with only one sister in law (jdy) or is a botany expert is exempt from answering, plausible deny-ability is in affect.Addendum to the final question, just out of the blue, Cut Assistant in conjunction with asfbin and portable virtualdub rocks for cutting out all all the boring dialog, etc, from your home made avi and wmv files. Which would not be porn. Downloaded from the internet. Porn is bad. This is for editing home movies and whatnot. Also for cutting commercials out of tv shows you recorded on your Media Center PC and illegally uploading as torrents to Swedish servers. Oh wait, that is bad too. Don;t do that.

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  1. I cannot recall introducing you to Sam Adams Black Lager, of which I have a personal one bottle limit.

  2. Bitch, it was in your fridge during your housewarming! Since that day I have craved Sam Adams Black Lager, burnt on the outside, juicy on the inside kielbasa, and oddly, satellite tv.

  3. If only I has broken out the Stop&Shop All Beef Hot Dogs in their Natural Casing. The snap from this grill-cooked delicacy could deafen a man. Here’s a good question for hot dog lovers: Do you prefer snap to your dog or not? More importantly, is there a veggie dog out there that provides the snap of the magic S&S dog? Katy needs to understand the snap.

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