Guilty Pleasures

I’m not talking rocking out when Toni Basil comes on the radio, what’s your internet ready guilty pleasure?

I will admit, after discussion with da kine , WWTDD is in my google reader, although that pink haired freak got to be too much.

Also, I have a strange love for LOLcats. I get my fill here. Fuck, I don’t even like cats. I try to get my dog Sly

Sly at Rest

to eat our cat Blackie (who is gray, not black, which is what you wind up with when you let a 2 year old name the animal.) WTF?

What’s your shameful internet secret pleasure? If you can’t reveal that, what’s the best lolcat caption you have for the awse picture?

~ by kinshay on 2007-08-17.

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  1. My fave is:

    It’s a little hard to navigate but the classifications section is worth the trip.

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