This gave me half a chub. My commute is about 80 miles a day, which is why I wedge my fat ass into a 2005 Jetta instead of a well fitting pickup truck.

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Ford has made history today by achieving 207.279 mph with the Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999, the world’s first production based hydrogen fuel cell race car. The Ford Fusion Hydrogen 999 is Ford’s latest environmental innovation, and represents a step on the road toward commercially viable hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. The car was designed and built by Ford engineers in collaboration with The Ohio State University, Ballard and Roush.

I looked at hybrids, which are even smaller, and do not gain me much by way of mileage. I’m all highway, best a Prius would do is about 40 MPG, I get 31 or so from the Jetta. Plus I did not pay an extra 9K premium to haul around two engines.

While I do wonder what car I would get to replace the Jetta, nothing has all the right features, what I like (Wrangler, truck, SUV, Maxima, Acura) plus decent cost plus decent gas mileage. I think I may be in the long haul until second gen hydrogen cars are out, then I jump ship.

~ by kinshay on 2007-08-16.

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  1. The new clean diesels should be hitting our shores in the next couple years with 60+mpg. That’d work for me.

  2. With my new home being behind several pizza and donut shops (pause to dream) I have started thinking of getting a diesel vehicle and swapping to used fry oil for fuel. In the end, most info that I’ve found indicates similar costs to gas, but it gets me off of the gas, y’know? Then I’ll grow my hair out and start making jewelry to sell on the side of the road…

  3. mmmmmmmm…… turquoise. don’t forget the homemade, monochromatic tye-dye JDY.

  4. I will have to look into the clean burning diesel, though I love the only byproduct of the fuel cell is…water.

  5. they advertised this during the red sox radio telecast today.

  6. I dig on the scooters. I imagine one day I will get a pair or triplets, and the whole family go riding together. But not for no 11K each. Fuck that noise bruthah.

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