Flash Gordon – new scifi series. Anyone catch it? Is it worth trying? I have not even seen a commercial for it. Seems foolish to me, but who thought BSG would be the best show on television*?

*according to da kine

~ by kinshay on 2007-08-13.

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  1. It’s okay. I give it a couple of more episodes to determine if it is good or not.

    BSG is the greatest show on TV, followed closely by The Wire and Friday Night Lights.

  2. FNL is teh ghey. also, because i’ve never seen it, i’m completely unbiased.

    great shows right now : eureka, rescue me, all ireland hurling, and everyday italian on food tv.

  3. Who’s showing hurling? Must check the TiVo…

  4. we d’l the hurling off of demonoid and mininova. i track it through aussietorrents.

  5. Oy, it was so lame I’ve officially been excused from watching future eps by the hubby, who swears an allegiance to all things sci fi and is still going to hang in there.

    Ming’s daughter needs some Serious acting lessons. Actually, all the pouty space alien chicks should just go back to modeling or opening gold suitcases for Howie or whatever.

    They didn’t even get the rights to the kick-ass Queen theme song.

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