Where To, Libertarianism?

Last night, I was trying to pull up some lyrics on my iTunes so I could sing/rap along with a Mos Def song (True Magic from the True Magic album, if you really need to know). I actually spent ca$h money on a program to automatically look up lyrics, so I figured it would no problem. The 10$US invested seemed a wise course of action since it took me – no shit – almost 20 hours to get the lyrics for 7 gigs wortha shit using Google and whatnot in 2005, and I now have over 50 gigs o’ shit. Wrong answer. The program I got fucks up 50% of the albums, so that the lyrics to every song on that album are attached to a song on that album, but not necessarily the one the lyrics actually belong to. I figured it would take me twice as long to go through and reorganize the lyrics to each song, so I just started deleting the lyrics to entire albums the moment I noticed they we wrong.

Based on my use of a Ricky Gervais-related wiki, I thought to myself, “Self, there must be a Wiki with lyrics that gets rid of all the rubbish that all those shitty commercial sites make you put up with.” I typed “Lyrics Wiki” into teh Googel, and hit this site.

Oh, my. How delicious. But that is just the beginning.

I started verifying my shit on LyricWiki, got lyrics that were far superior to the ones I had prior, and found lyrics that weren’t available before (singles and imports, specifically).

Then I looked for lyrics for my man Brudda Iz and there were basically some songs from soundtracks and what have you and squadoosh else. Upon further research, I realized that the Hawaiian section in general was lacking. Here is where the title comes into play.

A few months ago, I got sick of mouthing lyrics to Amy Hanaialii‘s songs when I was listening to them on the olde iPod, so I tried to find the lyrics on teh intartubes. No luck. I went through boxes in dusty closets, found the CD jacket, and manually transcribed the lyrics as written in the liner notes…going so far as to spell check all the Hawaiian words which comprise, oh, 98% of the songs. Time invested for 13 songs? Maybe 2 hours. When I saw that there wasn’t shit for Hawaiian music on my new LyricWiki friend, I thought that I would do my part in that section and add the Amy lyrics that I had so painfully transcribed. Maybe it is my unfamiliarity with the Wiki concept, but it took me almost 40 minutes to add the Artist Name, Album Name, Song Titles, and lyrics for those 13 songs, but shit is looking good now.

What is all this about? I have spent several hours of my time transcribing lyrics, adding them to a database, and putting them out there for free, and what is the benefit to me? I have no fucking clue. Is this the definition of Web 2.0? I know I’ll do it again; I’m sure that tomorrow I’ll go through and check all my lyrics against those available on the site and add ones that I have which are lacking, but I don’t rightly know why. Is it a modification of the common good thing in biology? I am confused and have a few Bushmills in me, and need assistance. Does this mean I’m turning into a socialist or anarchist? Casey’s input will be valuable here.

~ by kinshay on 2007-08-12.

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  1. Comments fixed. My bad.

  2. When you download a torrent, do you give back to the what you take? You voluntarily added back to a community you decided to participate in. This community happens to be free-style. You could have opened your own charge for wiki, but that woulda sucked. Your payment is in taking lyrics, and knowing others benefit from your work.

    Your ego is stroked. You suck as a buddhist. Change the title.

  3. Yeah, I’d say the title misses the mark.
    And generally, Shay’s right – this is you participating in a “community” on the innertubes.You get the same benefits other community members get out of it.

    You could maybe call it socialist, but I’d hardly think so. Assuming that there should be some profit motive feels similar to the “without God, what makes you moral?” anti-atheist argument, but that may just be me, since I’m listening to Dawkins these days…
    If it was anarchy, you’d be on your own, son.

  4. What’s making me not just gank as many lyrics as possible and skedaddle? I honestly don’t know why I spent the time uploading that shit.

  5. i’ll put on my teacher hat here and say that human beings enjoy doing meaningful work, and they enjoy it most when they know other people will enjoy it as well. it’s one of the central tenets to my classroom management.

  6. To Shay: it has nothing to do with ego, ya fat twat. It is anonymous, innit?

    To TA and Jake: Thank you. That is the sort of thing I was wondering. Too bad Shay is a schmuck and always looking to get a dig in.

    PS: I still love you.

  7. douche

  8. Ed wins

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