WTF is with the spam this weekend? I have over 40 spam messages in my gmail inbox over the past two hours. Anyone else getting nailed this badly?

~ by kinshay on 2007-08-05.

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  1. Yup. The LiveMail Hotmail thing is shit, but I can’t help but notice the open-source Mozilla Thunderbird handles maybe 19/20 spam messages without an error. What up with that?

  2. I’m using gmail and I’ve seen nothing out of the ordinary spam-wise in recent months. I remember having a problem several months back for a day or two and the next day it was back to my spam-free living. Maybe the diarrhea porn you have been downloading is getting the better of you and your inbox?

  3. My gmail spamination has been pretty much normal these days. Maybe one or two messages slip past the filter per day. That’s it.

  4. I figured it out, some douche bag spammer hijacked one of my domain names for his from and to address, so all the “spam” I thought I was getting was bounce back from that. Given the domain was set to expire, I let it go and deleted all the DNS records for it.

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