Brand Loyalty

Me and the Fam are heading on vacation. We’re cruising down to DC, stopping at 6 Flags Jersey for the safari and hurricane harbor. (Not the park, and kin-wife and kin-girl are hitting Agawam end of the week.) There is so much stuff in DC, how do you decide what to do?

We grabbed some internet research, etc but sometimes a good guide book is better. Figure we can  talk about the stuff we want to see on the drive down, so I went to snag a book. There was a Family guide to Washington, DC there about 300 pages thick for $14.95. I blew that off in favor of the 200 page, $17.95 Lonely Planet. Why? Cause it’s Lonely Planet. When I get a guide book, I have to get them. Helped me and Edo get through China, ever since, have to go there first.

Ask me to go buy a tech book. Where am I going? Oreilly. Have to. No choice. Can’t stand a tech book without a dumbass animal on the cover. Screw your “Start Menu for Pussies, I want “15,000 commands for VI you never knew, a cookbook” with a slug on the cover.

Anyone else have some brand loyalty even though the is a patently better choice for the applied situation?

~ by kinshay on 2007-07-20.

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  1. Short answer: Yes.
    But I’m a compulsive consumer, so I … like, totally have an excuse or something…

    None of the examples coming to me right now have any comedy gold inside them, however.

  2. OK, I’m pretty sure you’ve got two versions of the same comment in moderation. Pick one. (I’m not insane. I’m not insane. I’m NOT INSANE!!!)

  3. Sorry Jake, those 3 bypassed the I think it is spam and went straight to the spam bucket. I’m working on it….

  4. “comedy gold inside them” – It’s KY or I go Dry!

  5. I am pretty sure O’Reilly is only in business because of the hubby. He keeps coming home with more cute animal books and free cute animal t-shirts for me to wear. That is not a good example, though, since the books are all really good.

    Does Google count?

  6. I say google does not count, when would Yahoo! or be a wiser choice?

  7. Lets put it this way, if O’Reilly has a book covering the subject, I am not looking anywhere else. If O’Reilly had a book on Easter (with a bunny on the front,) vs the Bible… I go with bunny book.

  8. Your supposition is false. Lonely Planet is so superior to its competitors that it borders on the humorous, so it isn’t necessarily the brand loyalty bringing you in for more. Case in point here. Who the fuck else has something like that?

  9. Firstly, Lonely Planet is the best, but a family oriented travel guide for me taking my family on vacation, and I won’t compare it to LP, which is not family based? That’s silly. Didn’t stop me, but it is silly.

    Secondly, try adding the URL, if you really want to make a point there sparky.

  10. On another side note, I think I finally fixed the paragraph spacing, which was driving me nuts.

  11. In the same fun da kine, you’re on a jury. Prosecutor’s star witness is Michael Badin, defense witness is Henry Lee. Which way do you go?

  12. Hmm…well I have hung on to Blogger for way too long, I should be using WP on my own site. I use Picasa even though it oversharpens my photos because I am usually too lazy to GIMP. And Google News pulls up some weird, weird stuff from Indian and Chinese news sources but I just chock it up to quirkiness and am happy to read the Xinhua News version of what is happening with the floods in Texas…

  13. I’m outtie, No internets until Thursdee…

    Da Kine, at least once a day log in to the admin console and go to comments, awaiting moderation and askimet spam, make sure no one is getting caught who shouldn’t be…..

    Blogger Jenn? Really? Still?

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