On the Docket

Da Kine will be pissed, but here’s what is on the entertainment docket for the next two or three weeks.

1. Deadwood. All three seasons. The Queen just finished watching all three series of Veronica Mars (loving it btw. she’s so cute, she actually asked “isn’t there anything we can do about another season ?”) This will intermingle with the current “Rescue Me” and international Ruggah – I’m preparing for the rugby world cup.

2. All six series of the Black Adder. I want to see if it’s as funny now as it was when I was 21.

3. Opening Night new Harry Potter movie. I know, I know… trly teh ghey.

4. Finish re-reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Re-read HP and the Half-Blood Prince. Damn, I’m supah queeah for these books. On July 21st at Midnight, I’ll be buying my copy of Deathly Hallows from the local Borders. I’ll have my iPod cranked with some Ricky in case some douche wants to shout out spoilers. I won’t be dressed as a wizard, but I did think about it (I probably would have made a good Hagrid).  I should be finished by Saturday night if anyone wants to talk about it.

Then, maybe then, I’ll be able to squeeze in the third season of Battlestah Galacticah.<—here’s where Shane gets angry.

Kinyah !!!

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    With that having been said, your decision to delay the completion of your Battlestar Galactica watching may indeed be a smart one, as I am in pain until November, when the next piece of the puzzle is revealed. I bide my time by rewatching the first three seasons and then listening to the Ronald Moore podcasts to occupy me.

    Life on Mars is pretty pissah, though. Axe Seamus.

  2. I just started Life On Mars to ease the wait for the new series of the Doctor. Even better when you’re real high.

  3. on the perverbial eve of watching firefly for the 24th time i was wondering if i had jumped the shark with it. i wondered if maybe the magic number of viewings was 23. newp. watch away.

    weeds on showtime is decent. good enough to get showtime… maybe not. but still decent.

  4. I’ve professed my love for Weeds many a time.

    BTW, my new boss is a dead ringer for Nathan Fillion.

  5. Stay off drugs. If you like Life on Mars and Doctor Who, check out Hustle. It is the same producing team that put them together.

  6. Since when am I moderated, bitches?!

  7. Sorry Jake, it seems even persons with pre-approved comments get moderated with a single link in the comment. I’ll be updating it.

  8. was it just me or was the good shepard a study in “meh”? everyone i talk to says it is great.

  9. It was meh. Did i see that with you?

  10. yeah, i think we got drunk at rick’s and waddled over there… or that was a dream. i am pretty sure the part about the duck was a dream.

  11. …or it’s a veiled insult on my midsection? Bastard!

  12. the Queen was meh over Deadwood. i’ll probably just watch it myself. also GAA season is upon us…. up Cork!!!

  13. btw feh is the new meh

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