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If you dine at an all-you-can-eat Asian buffet, fuck trying to eat healthy with seafood and sushi options, items baked and boiled. Stick exclusively to deep fried anything, cause all the germs will be kilt, and you won’t spend a half hour with your head in the turlet while your dog makes fun of you.

~ by kinshay on 2007-06-28.

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  1. Was that buffet at the sushi place you were recommending? I’ll make reservations right away…

  2. Negative, Mai Place kicks some serious sushi ass.

    This was a new place that went in Stoughton where Applebees was. Puking and all, still better than Applebees.

    This one is for Ed’s Dad:

    “What the fuck is a riblet?!?”

  3. Yet again, it is the comments that really make this post rock.

    Reminded me of when a financial planner visited my husband’s company, one of the handouts said “Remember, good investing can mean the difference between eating at McDonald’s when you retire, or eating at Applebee’s” We are still not sure, which one reflects the better investment strategy?

  4. Also kicking some serious sushi ass is SuperFusion in Brookline. I don’t know if it’s cutting edge, kitschy, or normal for all out sushi restaurants as I’m new to the game, but they offer deep fried fillings like crawfish. I know it’s not good for you, which being good for you is prolly the biggest reason that I eat sushi so often, but it throws an “I shouldn’t be doing this”- element into the experience without encouraging me to overdo it. Cuz I’m a fatty.

  5. I got your fatty right here. I’m working on it, though.

    Best joke played on me by a sushi waiter: “So, are you ready for the other platter?”
    (It’s funny because I always over order and when he asked the question it was not only totally believable, but scary as the Second Coming.)

  6. Ninja Sushi (1/2 way down) is the best of the second-tier* sushi joints I’ve ever been to. It also has some sweet kim chee udon tha makes my wife want to puke when she smells it, but that’s because she’s a racist.

    * I classify sushi restaurants thusly: first-tier ones make the sushi in front of you, include crazy ingredients like robin’s eggs and fugo, and serve the chow with plum wine; second-tier ones have nice pre-made sushi with quality ingredients, and are usually take-out; third-tiers have rubbish mass-produced “sushi” that comes in a saran-wrapped container, made from the dregs of the fish.

  7. I’m working on the fatty by giving up the burger lunch and investing in 2nd tier sushi and brown rice lunches. i under order in this situation because i’m flying solo. however, if i’m found in superfusion it’s with the lady and a giant boat o’ sushi to be shared 25% by her and 75% by me. i’m thinking if i take all of my meals alone i can drop 20lbs in a week.

  8. that’s not a hint that i’m dumping my lady by the way.

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