Father’s Day Fun Times

Daddy Daughter & Dance

Daddy Daughter & Dance, uploaded by kinshay.

This year we skipped the picnic graveside so Kin-Girl could go to the beach. In the afternoon we cruised down to Corcoran South to see lil Cate in her second recital. You may recall how awse last year was, so we were looking forward to it.

Sadly, it was a very well done affair. Held in a real theater, it was organized and on time. They front loaded it with the 2 – 6 year old, which was so frggin adorable it makes me sick. Kin yah and I were trying to come up with things possibly cuter than the dancing we were seeing. My best shot was a panda hugging a koala bear, but even that would not trump these little ones.

Cate did very well in her dance, and Sean and Cate kicked ass in the daddy daughter dance. (NOTE – I was asked to do daddy daughter dance by Bri but passed for the sake of bio-dad and the fact that I would kill Kin-Mom rather than dance on stage in public.)

They also did well in the finale. The dance company did their five year awards after the finale. After they were all handed out, there was some other business going down, when we see Cate standing in front of the teachers, off her place on the floor. Come to find out later that “She did not get her trophy” and was waiting for one. She was rather upset when they did not have one for her, but fortuitously Bri happened to want to give her a gold “dancer” medal at the same time, so it all worked out in the end.

Side note – not to be without her own performance, Maggie managed to run face first into trash barrel, and bled all over Sean. Awse!

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  1. Why does Sean look like Austin Powers in that picture?

  2. Because he’s a MAN, baby! Yeah!

  3. i second that. the man part anyways. hoo fah!

  4. omg she is so cute it kinda makes my uterus hurt.

  5. Wow. TA gets the win on this comment thread.

  6. Yep. That’s awesome. I’m going to train the wife to use that one.

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