I Love me Some BBCA

I hate that for which I am about to sound like. Please read fully and with a grain of salt.

Love me some BBC America. NOTE – I am not some ego driven I am better than you, all American TV is rubbish Wanker. The only thing worse than those wankers are the “I am superior to you since I don’t own a tv” bitches.

That said, I started catching BBCA and enjoying it immensely . It started with MI-5, aka Spooks. This evolved into the crime shows, Wire in the Blood, Waking the Dead, at da kine’s insistence I have started the UK version of Buffy, HEX. And of course kin yah bruthah force feeding Ricky Gervais down you throat. I do think UK office was way better. I still watch American office it is funny, and really is a different show.

Life on Mars was quite good. Here is one of the main differences between the countries. Life on Mars had a total of 16 shows I think. The office 16 plus 2 xmas specials. Same for Extras. The they are done. Did what I had to say, all of it was good, don’t ruin it. I would really really look forward the the American version of Life on Mars, if they kept it to tops 20 episodes. (And if they went and got Dennis Franz (fataaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssss) from 10 years ago to play Gene Hunt.)

Besides cleaning up when on the good side, there are a could of other things I really appreciate, Character based stories over flash and glam. And the use of real looking people as characters. Sure a hottie lab tech or minor player may be ancillary to the case, but the main actors, while not downright ugly, would not be tv stars in the states. The women can have an extra 30 pounds on them and still be serious actors. (And look amazing, like real women look, they just don;t seem to be Hollywood hot.) It is slightly less noticeable with the guys, as most tv shows when they have 40 yr old guys, they tend to look 40 or so. Guys look either bland or just more distinguished with age. It is almost as if the actors were chosen for their ability, instead of bust size or 6 packs. I fear that Life on Mars’s WPC Annie Cartwright played by the lovely and slightly thick and way attractive body of Liz White will be cast in the US version by some airhead stick, hired more for waist and ass than ability.)

This being the case, or to spite my own praising point, 0ne does have to wonder do all English actors have to have some sort of odd skin bumps? The character driven aspects not enough to drive home the case that they have different acting requirements? Is your socialized medicine not getting it? You have to have these odd little deformation’s? Every single actor?

The crime dramas tend to write a bit two long, by about 20 minutes over required. But better development than quick cuts and special effects.

I still love fill up my TiVo with shows, all kinds, especially since I am ditching reruns this year, hence the branching out.

What shows do you love besides US primetime.?

BTW Firefox 2+ has added spell check for the text boxes, and I am not really drinking. Fear no though, Drunken posting is more like pharmaceutically enhanced posting with glaring right click spelling checks. We may have to rename to “Posting under the Influence.”

Add your thoughts of the state of TV in the comments. Who is planning to blow off engagements to watch Rescue me next week? WTF is this John from Cincinnati all about. If Tony Soprano getting whacked/Jail/ or made a NYC bitch rat? Anything foreign or not on the 3 major networks is up for debate.

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  1. The new Doctor Who is the teets, as is its spawn Torchwood. The latter is like a combo of the former with the X-Files made for HBO. Being one of the luddite few not to have picked up a TiVo/DVR yet, I am still trapped with pre-programmed TV so I do most BBC series watching online. When I do go to the box and turn it to BBC America, most of the time I’m finding some home remodeling show or other and those get tiresome rather quickly for me. Wingzzzzzzz this evening at 9pm.

  2. i admit to being a huge fan of hbo’s big love. that might have something to do with me being an ex-cultist, though. hey, some of the hare krishnas were polygamists, too!

  3. I like Torchwood, but it isn’t ALL that. The Doctor is fucking awesome. I’m watching 310 right now, matter o’ fact. Em, I mean, I’m watching whichever episode is playing on BBC-A or SciFi right now.

  4. Torchwood is playing on BBC America???

    We watch all the Britcoms, they just do dumb funny so much better than the American ones. Black Books is a fave but we’ve just about run out of eps.

  5. Torchwood isn’t playing on BBC America yet, but it is streaming on a couple of sites. As far as Torchwood not being all that, I’ve seen the first 6 episodes and have the same sense of excitement that I had for the first season of the relaunched Doctor Who. Does the quality of Torchwood begin a decline, Da Kine, or will the mysteries behind Captain Jack and his taking the reigns of the agency bear a wonderfully strange fruit? So far the mix of melodrama, mystery and supernatural/sci-fi has been okay for me.

  6. Apologies to the anarchist, askimet held the comment in moderation and I did not see it until just now. I like big love, season 2 is firing up now.

  7. Askimet was, like, totally oppressing me.

  8. Fight the power!

    As for ‘Merican cable tv series, Weeds and Dexter should be starting back up soon. Both make me glad I’m one of 20 people who actually get Showtime.

  9. Hooray for the “little boxes on the hillside”…I love Weeds!!

  10. Showtime is pretty impressive. I love Dexter, the show is better than the book, they explore a lot more. Weeds is the most yularious thing out there. Penn & Teller’s Bullshit just wound up, I always enjoy that.

    Maybe I should actually start paying for the channel? Nahhhhh

  11. Rescue Me tonight!!! Though I won’t be able to watch it til Satdee 😦

  12. So, yeah… john from Cincinnati is worth a watch.

    Hold the phone… Dexter’s a book?!
    P&T have been a little too overtly obnoxious for me lately. Nowadays the show is just counter clockwise spin instead of the no-nonsense anti-spin the earlier shows featured.

  13. Darkly Dreaming Dexter and Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay I have read. I almost wish I did not read the second one beofree season 2. He has a third out now as well which I have not read, Dexter in the Dark.

    The show gets into it a lot deeper, the novels are kinda short, but good enough on their own. One thing the novels have over the show is the kids are much darker, personality wise.

  14. Torchwood!!!! I feel dirty, but it is so good!

  15. I’m sorry, but did you just ask for an Amen there? Amen!

  16. An ad on BBC America today said Torchwood is coming in October. I bet they’re going to censor it though. At least that’s what I am telling myself…*guilt* 🙂

  17. Tohchwood was pretty good. Captain Jack is yularious. As far as them changing British shit when it comes to America: they do. Extras has some content change so Americans can understand those crazy British expressions and celebrities. That some BULLSHIT, as far as I’m concerned.

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