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Brandon has gone all cliche and posted about his favorite Firefox add-ons that he uses. While I do not install from scratch so often, I do need certain add-ons. This list is a good way of keeping them all in one spot for new installs.

One thing I love about firefox is the fact that I use the same add-ons with my Mac, work pc and home server.

  • Adblock Plus – discover this while playing with torpark, very nice. Adding Adblock Filterset.G Updater per Brandon.
  • Better Gmail & Better GReader – Both from lifehacker, they are a collection of greasemonkey scripts designed to improve Gmail and Reader presentation. Instead of managing 10+ scripts, it’s as easy as checkboxes.
  • Cooliris Preview – add a little tiny box when you hover over links, hover on the box and it opens a popup with the linked page. In google images will pop up the full size image. Can get annoying and is disabled half the time, but an absolutle must when searching for furniture or hookers on craigslist.
  • Download Statusbar – Moves the downloads list to more functional areas, more display options.
  • FaviconizeTab – I use a lot of tabs, this shrinks them to the favicon only, as long as the site has a favicon, it is easy to fnd the tab.
  • Firebug – Cause Jake said so.
  • Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer – Way cool, syncs your bookmarks across your browsers.
  • Freenigma – Server side GPG for Gmail and a few other webmail clients. Since no one else I know uses it, I generally encrypt passwords and such and email them to myself.
  • Greasemonkey – framework to change a bunch of stuff.
  • IE Tab – Required as some of the things I do for work require IE. Also really cool for using windows explorer in Firefox. Only works on Windows, uses the IE underpinnings.
  • Nagios Checker – Connects to NAGIOS monitoring server, alerts if there any issues.
  • StumbleUpon – Great for when you run out of your normal reading materials, found some great web sites using it.
  • Tabbrowser Preferences – I use a lot of tabs, helps me manage them much better.
  • W00t WatcherW00t is a badass one deal one day web site. I have purchased a few thing from them, and never want to miss a deal. The watcher let’s me know what is being sold that day, and during a w00t-a-thon, what % is left.

Any other great add ons we should all be using?

~ by kinshay on 2007-06-08.

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  1. Since you asked…

    In addition to several of the above, I also use:

    Clippings – Store things you find yourself typing all too often and just paste them in. Great for Flickr tags.
    Resizable Form Fields – Take control of text windows and pull-down menus! Not working at this blog though – Bah!
    Web Developer Toolbar – A must for web page design IMHO. Lets you view everything from table and div containers to labeled CSS to a color palette. If you do web design I also recommend grabbing ColorZilla.

    Anyone else having that problem where Firefox freezes whenever it downloads a file? It’s driving me crazy.

  2. Not having a freezing when downloading issue, but 2.0.4 will randomly crash on me. Always opens back up to the same tabs, so not too big a deal.

  3. Ok, I finally got off my lazy butt and figured out what the freezing was – if you let your download history get too big it slows the download manager down a lot. I just cleared it and the problem is gone. So thanks (tangentially)!

  4. I got “download statusbah” a while ago and love it. The only problem is that torrents tend to stay on there well after the torrent is downloaded, so I have to manually remove it from the bar. Besides that, it’s pissah.

    I have “Stop Autoplay”, but I don’t think it works. Whenever a GIS leads to a myspace page, the hideous music starts blasting regortless.

  5. You could add .torrent to the Automatically clear these filetypes. it would auto clear after 5 seconds or so…

  6. Pissah recommendation. I done it and it is beautiful.

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