66% There

There are three physicals things I want on this earth, not counting homes spread throughout this glorious world.

1. Flat black Harley that is new and reliable. Check.

2. 1961-1965 Lincoln Continental, slammed to the ground with 20″ rims and a deadly quiet motor, to be called the Assassinmobile (License plate: SSN MBL). Not there yet.

3. Old School Series Land Rover with a tire on the front. Check.

No shit, I got this thing for a song. It needs a little clutch work and mayhaps some cosmetic tweaks, but it is in incredibly good shape. I am the second owner of the vehicle, which was bought new by my benefactor in 1974. As it is English, I will have to cover it with Rebel, Papi, and assorted other stickers to show my allegiance to all things non-British, but that is a small price to pay.

~ by kinshay on 2007-03-29.

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  1. Doot, sweet. I’ve always loved the old Landies.

    What’s the story with the Toyota, though?

  2. My 2002 Mazda, which had a KBB value of $10,500 for trade, was deemed “in fair condition”, and they were going to give me 4K for it. I told them to get it somewhere north of 8, and they told me they couldn’t go north of 5. I told them to have fun selling a manual 4×4 with no amenities, steel rims, and power nothing to a soccer mom and, if possible, to fuck themselves.

  3. is that FJ still on the lot ??? i wish i was passionate about a vehicle. the rover looks like a wicked fun sled…

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