laundry list

1. NEW KINTEES !!!! Brand new designs from the brothers you are inclined to emulate and yet despise due to your envy. Is that reasonably acceptable ? Yes, yes I believe that it is !!!

Got Youk ?

Let Jim In

2. I went into my local Price Rite (aka the ghetto chopper) to load up on cheap produce and milk. Overhead ? Devo’s “Workin’ in a Coal Mine”.  Damn, that’s happenin’.

3. Former Sox fatty favorite, now Padre, David Wells, diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. Is anyone shocked ? Anyone ?

~ by kinshay on 2007-03-19.

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  1. “Let Jim In” is genius.

  2. We were originally going to go with “Jim Was Robbed”, but we wanted to keep it on the positive tip. Sean beat me about the head to change the design over and over, and I resisted, but he was right in the end.

  3. It’s genius because you’ve created a rallying cry.

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