Add This to the Kit Bag

I like to mispronounce diseases and insult people by telling them they have them: herps, hepatitties, loops.  It’s fun for the whole family. Alternately, you can pronounce HIV as though it were a noun, and tell someone they have the hiv.

My new favorite thing is FIV.  I found out about it a couple of years ago, but it’s only in the past few months that it had gained a place in my repertoire of quick snaps.  It never stops being funny.  I was at a blood drive, and someone asked if my hairy Irish ass could give blood without infecting the recipient with lycanthropy.  I responded that the insulter was lucky the Red Cross didn’t screen for Cat AIDS, or they’d ne’er be able to give.  For the life of me, I don’t know why it is funny every single time, but it is.  Feel free to add it to your kit bag of disposable lines.

~ by kinshay on 2007-03-15.

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  1. By the by, Buffy Season 8 was released yesterday. Available only in comic book form and written by sci-fi sensei Joss Whedon, it supposedly picks up where 7 left off. I let the newlywed know, but I figure he’s too busy with his bride to communicate this to the rest of all y’all.

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